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13 mars 2015 5 13 /03 /mars /2015 17:40
Chirok aircraft serves as prototype for the new machine - photo Rostec

Chirok aircraft serves as prototype for the new machine - photo Rostec


10 March 2015 by Rostec


Russian experts will create a 2-ton multi-purpose aircraft with air-cushion support. The 750-kilogram Chirok drone designed by the United Engineering Corporation is used as a prototype for the new machine.


As of now, theoretical study of elements and nodes of the machine weighing more than two tons, which was designed on the basis of the existing 750-kilogram Chirok drone, was implemented. It uses the same technology, but the large apparatus must surpass its "little" counterpart with regards to a number of characteristics. According to TASS, the development initiative project is ready to be implemented, and it is quite possible that the prototype will be manufactured.


Interestingly, the new machine will be able to operate in both unmanned and manned modes. In particular, it will be capable of transporting people to hard-to-reach areas.


According to TASS, the prototype is designed using foreign engines, but in the future, they can be replaced by the domestic counterparts. The prototype will be designed following the flight testing of the "little" Chirok, if the project receives the necessary financial support.


So far, the first full-size Chirok model weighing 750 kilograms was built. It will be presented at the MAKS air show in 2015.   The same year, Chirok aircraft with air-cushion support will make its first flight.


Chirok was designed by the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Radio Engineering. It can take off without a runway, almost from any surface, including sand, loose snow, or soil. The drone is designed to monitor the ground or water surface, as well as for transportation of various cargo.


The drone can go up to 6 thousand meters in the air, and the range of its flight is 2,500 km. After the necessary modifications, Chirok will be capable of carrying bombs, missiles and precision-guided missiles. It is planned that the military will be able to use the drone for reconnaissance and attacks.

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11 juillet 2014 5 11 /07 /juillet /2014 07:40
First Russian drone presented at Innoprom Trade Fair

July 10, 2014 by Rostec

The United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation presented the Chirok aerial drone at the Innoprom Trade Fair in Yekaterinburg.


The model has already completed testing at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (City of Zhukovsky). It has no analogues anywhere else in the world, since hovercraft drones are not commercially available. The innovative design – a hovercraft chassis – allows the drone to take off the ground without the need for a runway. The development has no analogues anywhere else in the world.

"Today we have implemented and continue to improve the radioelectronics industry as a whole. Already last year we demonstrated significant results: in 2013 the radioelectronics industry demonstrated significant growth of 14% compared with the previous year," stated Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. "The creation of vertically integrated structures within the Rostec State Corporation provides the necessary synergy for development that will in turn provide the impetus for creation of new products that can compete on a global scale."

"Russian know-how was used in the creation of the drone, including in both its materials and design. A full-sized UAV will be presented next year at the MAKS International Aviation and Space Show," noted United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation CEO Alexander Yakunin.  

The Chirok UAV may be used in the civilian sphere to monitor and evaluate various situations: monitoring forest fires, disaster areas, traffic along roads, and patrol areas. In its military variant the Chirok is designed for reconnaissance and use as an attack drone capable of carrying bombs, rockets and precision missiles. 

The presented model of the drone is equipped with all of the latest engineering achievements from various fields, including: radioelectronics, aerospace and the chemical industry. The employed technologies have allowed us to construct a truly modern aircraft: lightweight, durable, and with high-performance, despite its impressive dimensions. The wingspan of the Chirok UAV is 10 m, with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 700 kg. The vehicle has an all-composite (carbon) body. The membrane of the air cushion is made of an ultra-modern material that has been developed by Russian specialists. The production technology behind this material is a demonstration of our know-how. 

The maximum takeoff weight of the Chirok is 700 kg, and the payload weight limit is 300 kg. It can carry optoelectronic devices intended for various types of monitoring. The UAV is also capable of carrying precision-guided weapons. The UAV can ascend to an altitude of up to 6,000 meters, and it has a range of up to 2,500 km. Currently specialists at the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation are working to further improve the technical characteristics of the Chirok UAV.

Another feature of the vehicle design is that its weapons can be installed within the body. Weapons were mounted on brackets on previous models. Such a solution reduces the visibility of the UAV and improves its aerodynamic properties.

OAO United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation is a Russian state corporation that was established in 2014 by the Rostec State Corporation to organize high-tech production of competitive products in the field of technology and communications systems, automated control systems, electronic defense and robotic systems for the Russian Armed Forces and other special units, as well as competitive products for civilian and dual-use. It combines 55 enterprises and scientific organizations in the Russian radioelectronics industry.

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