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6 décembre 2013 5 06 /12 /décembre /2013 12:40
Armor: Ukraine Becomes A Player On The Low End



December 5, 2013: Strategy page


Ukraine is trying to interest buyers in its new Corsar ATGM (Anti-tank guided missile). The 105mm (diameter) missile and its storage/launch container weigh 18 kg (40 pounds). The missile is laser homing, with a range of 2,500 meters and its tandem warhead can penetrate 550mm of armor that is behind reactive (explosive panels) armor. Poland has expressed some interest, even though Poland has been using the Israeli Spike LR for several year. But Corsar is cheaper than Spike and uses laser guidance rather than the more expensive “fire and forget” system. The Spike LR, along with the sealed storage/launch canister, weighs 13 kg (28.6 pounds). The canister is mounted on a 13 kg fire control system (10 kg without the tripod) for aiming and firing. The missile in its canister has a shelf life of twenty years and a range of 4,000 meters. The Spike uses a fiber-optic cable so that the operator can literally drive the missile to the target, although the missile can also be used in "fire and forget" mode. Israel is apparently flexible on what they charge for the Spike LR, saying only that it's cheaper than similar the U.S. Javelin.


Before the Cold War ended in 1991 many Soviet weapons design and production operations were in Ukraine. These were inherited by the newly independent Ukraine after 1991. But most of these organizations went out of business because there was no more Soviet Armed Forces placing large orders each year. Most of the foreign sales disappeared as well. Ukraine salvaged some weapons and design capability by selling off its large Cold War stocks of Soviet weapons at low prices and developing a willingness to sell to anyone who could pay. Ukraine now has a lot of customers in Africa and Asia and noted a demand for ATGMs. These weapons are popular not just for ability to destroy or disable most tanks, but as highly portable and accurate artillery against all sorts of targets. Corsar is old technology but the Ukrainians still know how to produce it cheaply and reliably enough to attract some customers.

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12 novembre 2013 2 12 /11 /novembre /2013 17:50
Poland is Interested in Ukraine Anti-Tank Missiles

Corsar, a man portable guided missile weapon system weighing 28 kg can engage moving or stationary targets at ranges of 2,500 meters.


November 8, 2013 defense-update.com


The Defense Ministry of Poland is considering purchasing anti-tank missiles from the Ukraine as part of the implementation of a weapons modernization program. According to Ukraine news agency Interfax-Ukraine, a Polish executives mission headed by Deputy Defense Minister for Weapons and Arms Modernization Waldemar Skrzypczak, has met last week with representatives of Ukroboronprom State Concern and Ukrspecexport State Enterprise, to discuss bilateral military and technical cooperation. The meeting was held in Bangkok, where the missions attended the Thai defense exhibition Defense & Security 2013. This proposal of the Polish defense ministry will be discussed at a meeting of the Ukrainian-Polish sub-commission for cooperation in the defense industry, which will take place in Kyiv in November.


“We are ready to consider the acquisition of Ukrainian-produced advanced 105mm anti-tank guided missiles which were developed by the Promin State Design Bureau. We are also interested in the joint production of high-precision weapons.” Interfax quoted Skrzypczak saying.


Since 2003 Poland has fielded over 2,600 Israeli Spike LR missiles, which are likely to remain and even increase the number in service, particularly with the planned fielding of missile-equipped turrets with the new Rosomak wheeled infantry carriers in is planning to buy over the next four years. The Polish interest in these Ukraine missiles could be in in the laser-guided man-portable and tank-gun launched missiles the Ukraine offers. Laser guided missiles are often less costly, compared to EO guided weapons. They are likely to have high immunity to thermal and EO countermeasures.


The weapon Skrzypczak has mentioned is likely to be the Corsar, built by the kiev based LUCH Design Bureau. The Corsar weapon system is designed as a semi-active laser guided man-portable weapon (18 kg total system weight), capable of engaging stationary and moving targets at a range of 2,500 m’, its tandem warhead is designed to penetrate 550mm of armor (RHA) behind reactive tiles. The Corsar homes in on laser light reflected from the target. It was designed as an affordable, lightweight anti-tank weapon offering superior range, compared to light ATGW, while maintaining relatively low cost (a system is offered at a cost of $130,000).


The Polish Army also operates laser guided missiles with 30 Mi-24 HIND and is interested in arming the W-3/W-3W Sokol light helicopters used for recce, scout and utility missions. For that mission, the Polish military is likely to consider EO and laser guided weapons, to modernize or augment existing systems.


Corsar guided missile and container. Photo: LUCH

Corsar guided missile and container. Photo: LUCH

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