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6 mars 2015 5 06 /03 /mars /2015 08:50
Think Multinational – Train Together


12 February - LTC Ballinger- EATC


This week around 80 subject matter experts from the 11 nations participating in EATT 15 met at the EATC in Eindhoven to define the training objectives for the largest Air Transport exercise in Europe.


From 14 - 26 June 2015, the Air Transport community will meet in Beja (Portugal) to run its yearly European Air Transport Training.


Based on the training requirements and training objectives fixed by the participants, the experts from the EATC will build an exercise scenario including Intel, Air- and Ground threats, Aeromedical Evacuation, Personnel- and Material drop as well as Combined Air Terminal Operations.


The training will start with academics and basic Familiarization Flights but will rapidly evolve to more complex Multiship Missions and Combined Air Operations (COMAO).




In total, aircraft and crews from 12 countries will take part in the training.

Participating nations are:

    Belgium (1x C-130H)

    Germany (1x C-160D)

    Finland (1x C-295)

    France (1x C-130H, 1x CN-235)

    Italy (1x C-130J)

    Lituania (1x C-27J)

    the Netherlands (1x C-130H)

    Portugal (1x C-130H, 1x C-295)

    Romania (1x C-27J)

    Sweden (2x C-130H)

    the United Kingdom (1x C-130J)



EATT is an EDA initiative under the umbrella of the EATF and supported by the Host Nation, by EATC, AATTC, EAG and JAPCC

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