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25 juin 2015 4 25 /06 /juin /2015 11:50
Member States implement Code of Conduct on REACH


Brussels - 23 June, 2015 European Defence Agency


With the exception of Poland, all EDA participating Member States as well as Norway have decided to subscribe to and therefore participate in the implementation of the Code of Conduct on REACH Defence Exemptions which was adopted in March 2015.


This new milestone highlights the importance of harmonising national defence exemption procedures. Poland is still conducting an internal analysis towards a final decision regarding its subscription to the Code of Conduct.

A harmonised approach towards national REACH defence exemptions will contribute to a level playing field for European defence industries, reducing their administrative burden and related costs. It will also support the creation of an open and transparent European Defence Equipment Market and a capable and capability-driven European Defence Technological and Industrial Base, providing armed forces with the right defence equipment to meet their operational requirements.

In coming years the EDA will act as a facilitator to support national implementation and application of the CoC in practice, by the Member States.


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9 juin 2015 2 09 /06 /juin /2015 17:50
European defence-industrial cooperation: from Keynes to Clausewitz

02 Jun 2015 by Daniel Fiott - Global Affairs

The European Union is still far from having a consolidated defence market but the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB) has emerged as a policy framework through which to liberalize and regulate defence markets, protect and sustain jobs and to improve the interoperability of Europe's armed forces; all at the EU level. This article argues that a purely economic rationale for defence-industrial cooperation is being reformulated to include also questions of strategic relevance. Indeed, by charting the transition from a past policy framework called the European Defence Equipment Market (EDEM) to the EDTIB, the article examines the European Commission's role as a key driver in this policy evolution. This article shows how the European Commission is using dual-use technologies to increase its policy relevance in the defence-industrial policy milieu, but it also reaffirms the enduring role of the member states and the importance of national interests.


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2 juillet 2014 3 02 /07 /juillet /2014 07:50
EDA Launches Security of Information Portal


Brussels - 01 July, 2014 European Defence Agency


The EDA launched today a public web-portal containing information on participating Member States’ Security of Information (SoI) related agreements and arrangements, policies, practices, as well as on relevant European and other multinational agreements and arrangements.


Rules protecting classified information have to be adequately transparent and non-discriminative to enable suppliers from different European Member States to participate in defence procurement procedures across the European Union. Therefore, Security of Information is a precondition for a more open and transparent European Defence Equipment Market (EDEM) and underpins successful defence procurement and European collaboration.

The mapping and sharing of information on different national, international and institutional regulations, arrangements and agreements on processing, storing and circulating classified information, will contribute towards removing Security of Information barriers in defence procurement among Member States. The launch of the EDA SoI Portal is considered as a significant step in this process.


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