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8 juillet 2016 5 08 /07 /juillet /2016 14:50
EDA News review for industry - July/August 2016

source European Defence Agency

News of the News



Great success for Pilot Project on defence research: EDA has received 21 submissions in response to the “Call for Proposals for the Pilot Project on defence research” coming from 20 countries, covering all the activities and involving a wide diversity of stakeholders such as large groups, Intermediate Size companies, SMEs, Research & technology organisations, academia. The objective is to award grant agreements for a total value of €1.4 million for two technological development projects and one R&D project.

General Information

EUGS: At the European Council on 28 June 2016, Federica Mogherini (Head of the Agency, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission) presented to the Heads of State and Governments the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS) on foreign and security policy.




The 2015 version of the Common Military List of the European Union was published on 21st June 2016 in the Official Journal

Support to Industry


EDA ‘COSME platform’ is now online: If you are a defence-related Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) or a defence-related cluster, you might have access to EU COSME Programme opportunities. Seek your opportunities through the following link: www.eda.europa.eu/cosme



EDSTAR: Two technical domain will start to be explored in September 2016: Range Interoperability and Blast Effects. Interested industries are invited to participate by registering to philippe.cambraye@eda.europa.eu. The old EDSIS and EDSTAR platform engine will soon be modernized to be more user friendly.





EDA and Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) cooperation yields first concrete results: Joint efforts by EDA and the EEN to support dual-use SMEs led to a first concrete result when the Dutch SME IC3D Media, presented by EEN, was allowed to participate in the EDA’s R&T expert cell (CapTech) dedicated to ‘System of systems, Battlelab and Modelling & Simulation’.




On 21 June, EDA gathered for the first time the newly selected SME Senior Advisers, Mr Francisco González Mené and Mr Dušan Švarc. Their role is to counsel EDA regarding future activities and identify new potential ideas and concrete initiatives in support of the defence-related SMEs.

Outcome of EDA studies


Read the Executive Summary of the short study on Industrial Analysis for opportunities derived from the collaborative database (CODABA) in the field of CBRN Individual Protection equipment.



Your Opinion is interesting for EDA

Market survey on Role 1 and/or 2 services: To inform various stakeholders, EDA launches a market survey to better understand the range of commercially available solutions, which could fulfil possible future requirements for Role 1 and/or 2 services for EU military operations and civilian missions. Do not hesitate to respond to the survey.

Feedback from EDA meetings


Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (CF SEDSS): In June, for the first time, industry representatives attended a plenary meeting of the CF SEDSS in Dublin, aiming at building up a European Defence Energy Network. As their contributions were much appreciated, it is foreseen to invite industry representatives again for specific topics of the next plenary meeting in November 2016. Please find all relevant information on the EDEN website, including how to register for participating to the Consultation Forum and attend next meeting.


More than 70 representatives from Member States, industry and EU institutions gathered on 28 June for the workshop “Opportunities for Dual-Use Technologies – Components” organised by the European Defence Agency, the European Commission, the ECSEL JU. Importance of cooperation between defence, space & civil research has been highlighted.

Industry Network


DSCN: Numbers of NDIAS participated to the Defence Supply Chain Network (DSCN) meeting in EDA on 27 June 2016 to discuss EDAP and PA. Following presentations from EC, EDA and industry representatives a lively debate followed to discuss the industrial views related to these two major initiatives. Interesting information was shared such as EDA informing industry on the Member States’ preferred topics for the Technology Demonstrator and Critical Defence Technologies types of projects of the PA that were forwarded to EC. All NDIAs are members of the permanent network and have received the presentations given on that day.




Publications of information are regulated in accordance of Regulation (EC) 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18/12/2000 on the

protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies on the free movement of such data.

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15 janvier 2016 5 15 /01 /janvier /2016 15:50
EDA News review for Industry Edition 1 - January 2016


source European Defence Agency


The EDA News Review for Defence Industry gathers relevant information of EDA & EC activities / actions. This one-page document, with embedded web links, will be sent to you regularly through an e-mail campaign. Do not hesitate to re-forward the document to your members & stakeholders.



Business Opportunities


CSO Platform: On 19 November, EU operations/missions and the CSDP structure’s experts participated in an EDA seminar to be informed about the potentialities of the EU Contractor Support to Operations platform (CSOp).


European Commission

Call for proposals Erasmus+ 2016: Public / private bodies active in fields of education & training can apply (by 26/02/2016) for funding to carry out actions addressing skills needs & gaps relevant for defence.

Places to be : workshops, events, exhibitions, …


Modelling & Simulation (M&S) Platform for SME: It is time for European SMEs specialized in the M&S to register to the new M&S SME Platform and attend the Kick-off-Meeting on 25 February 2016.



EDSTAR: A survey is conducted within Europe to evaluate whether EDSTAR fulfills the expectations of the European Defence Community in terms of Best Practice Standards and Best Practice Recommendations, but also to give the Community the opportunity to provide advices for improving the tools.

1/ Survey Short version (2 min): https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/EDSTAR_Survey_2015_short

2/ Survey Long version (10 min max): https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/EDSTARSurvey2016

Tool of the Month


Access to EU funding: The table helps you to find in a couple of clicks the right EU funding instrument for your company and projects.

News about Innovation

European Commission



On 14 December the European Commission (EC) organised the first meeting of an expert group under the name "as-if Programme Committee" relating to the launch of the Pilot Project (PP) and Preparatory Action (PA) in the field of Defence Research. As to the Pilot Project, in compliance with the delegation agreement signed with EC on 16/11/2015, EDA had provided options for the work plan. Thanks to this upstream role of EDA, the "as-if Programme Committee" converged quickly on one preferred topic for each of the two activities of the PP (one relating to disruptive technologies, one related to certification and standardisation). EDA is now preparing the calls for proposals with the objective to issue them by early February 2016.

Hot spot on specific issues


The Seville Declaration was adopted by the Conference on Dual-Use technologies in the framework of RIS3 in Europe participants organised on 27/28 October by Andalusia Region, European Commission, and supported by EDA. It recommends actions for EC, EDA, pMS & Regions to support dual-use technologies and markets.


Publications of information are regulated in accordance of Regulation (EC) 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18/12/2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions & bodies on the free movement of such data.

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12 août 2014 2 12 /08 /août /2014 20:58
EDSTAR: quand l’AED harmonise les normes défense


12 août, 2014 Guillaume Belan (FOB)


L’Europe de la défense est notoirement à la traine, pourtant une intéressante initiative a été lancée il y a peu, sous l’impulsion de l’Agence Européenne de Défense (AED) et mérite que l’on en parle. Il s’agit du projet EDSTAR (European Defence Standards Reference System), visant à harmoniser les normes de défense entre les militaires et industriels européens.


De quoi s’agit-il ? Tout le monde se souvient des difficultés rencontrées par l’A400M pendant la phase d’industrialisation. Disposer de normes communes entre tous les pays européens participants au programme aurait très certainement réduit de manière importante ces tracas et délais. Les enjeux sont, on le comprends, importants. Et même s’il ne s’agit pas d’un programme emblématique, le projet est porteur et doit, même si c’est par  « le bas », participer à la construction d’une Europe de la défense en souffrance.


Ainsi EDSTAR apparaît être une étape absolument essentielle pour tout programme industriel commun ou même une opération militaire menée par des pays européens.


Avoir les mêmes normes, c’est parler le même langage.


L’harmonisation dans les procédures industrielles de développement et de production, quand les sites sont éparpillés en Europe, est essentielle. Mais pas seulement ! Si l’Europe veut se doter d’une armée commune, les soldats et leurs matériels doivent pouvoir se parler, être compatibles, interopérables, afin de pouvoir mener des actions conjointes, mais aussi être en mesure de soutenir une force multinationale déployée. On le comprend aisément, il ne peut y avoir d’armée européenne sans des standards communs.


Bien sûr, l’OTAN est déjà une source importante d’harmonisation des normes entre les pays membres, avec de nombreux « stanag ». Reste que ces stanag sont trop souvent vagues, généraux, nécessitant de nombreux documents d’applications techniques. Résultat, chaque pays a recours à la fois à ses propres normes nationales, en plus de celles internationales (AFNOR, CND, CEN, OTAN…). Bref, un vrai casse-tête pour tous les acteurs défense.


EDSTAR, déjà opérationnel


En 2011, sous l’impulsion de la Commission européenne, l’AED lance le projet EDSTAR. Très vite, la vingtaine de groupes d’experts européens se mettent à l’œuvre, les représentant industriels ou militaires experts présentent les meilleurs normes dans leurs domaines, confrontent, clarifient, identifient et font des choix afin d’élaborer une base de données, qui servira de référence à tous les pays européens. Sur plus de 10 000 normes défense identifiées de tous types, seules 1900 sont retenues. Mais l’initiative EDSTAR ne s’arrête pas là, outre le toilettage et l’identification des normes les plus pertinentes par secteurs, les experts identifient également les domaines lacunaires et expriment des besoins qui aboutiront à l’élaboration de nouvelles normes.


EDSTAR est ainsi une structure favorisant l’harmonisation européenne, les bonnes pratiques, et promouvant des guides normatifs. En bref, une interface coordinatrice entre la sélection des normes importantes comme « bonnes pratiques » et l’expression des besoins.


Opérationnelle depuis le début d’année, cette initiative EDSTAR a déjà fait l’objet de nombreux travaux, pas moins d’une dizaine sont en cours (traitement des obsolescences, NRBC, dépollution des eaux usées en opérations…). Un groupe européen de coordination vient d’être créé sous l’impulsion de l’AED: le Defence Standardisation Coordination Group (DSCG); il  va récupérer les besoins ainsi exprimés pour les affecter aux bonnes structures de normalisation (l’AED ne produisant pas de normes). Sachant que de plus en plus, les normes civiles sont préférées car sources d’économies pour les pays.


Aujourd’hui EDSTAR offre déjà une base de normes en anglais et en libre accès, accessible par n’importe qui depuis le site de l’Agence européenne de défense référencées par secteurs et mots clefs (cliquez ici). Seuls les documents complets et détaillés sont en accès réservés aux Ministères des défenses européennes. Autre avantage, ces références sont accompagnées des rapports des travaux des comités d’experts, fournissant de précieux conseils d’utilisation des normes et standards référencées.


Un sujet peu évident mais essentiel, une avancée utile et concrète vers la construction d’une défense européenne.

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12 août 2014 2 12 /08 /août /2014 20:50
European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAR) concept


Source EU Defence Agency


The concept of the European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAR) goes back to an initiative of the European Commission.


On 8th November 2000, the European Commission organized a conference in Brussels on the topic of "European Defence Procurement in the 21st Century - Improving Efficiency and Enhancing Competitiveness -The Role of Standardization". One significant outcome of this conference was the idea to develop a web-based "European Handbook for Defence Procurement” (EHDP). Consequently the European Commission suggested the establishment of a CEN-Workshop to develop the EHDP.


In the first phase from 30th May 2002 to 1st of March 2006, the CEN/Workshop 10 that was established achieved the following:


The compilation of an Initial Handbook (about 10.000 Defence Standards & STANAG identified);

    The identification of a 1st set of 8 relevant Technical Domains;

    A review of standards related to the Technical Domains 01 - 08 and the formulation of "Best Practice Recommendations" by Expert Groups (EG) 01 – 08 responsible for the corresponding Technical Domain;

    A web-based "European Handbook for Defence Procurement” (EHDP) available online.


CEN/Workshop 10 continued working in the second phase from 23rd February 2007 to October 2008 extending and updating the EHDP on following points:


    The identification of a 2nd set of 8 further relevant Technical Domains;

    A review of standards related to Technical Domains 09 - 16 and the formulation of "Best Practice Recommendations" by Expert Groups (EG) 09 – 16 responsible for the corresponding Technical Domain;

    The integration of the Best Practice Recommendations for Technical Domains 09 –16 into the EHDP;

    The integration of the Results of CEN Workshop "Network Enabled Abilities" CWA 15537 into the EHDP.


In the final third phase from 1st January 2010 to 30th of June 2011 the CEN Workshop 10 resulted in the following:


    A review of a set of 3 further relevant Technical Domains and the formulation of "Best Practice Recommendations" by Expert Groups 17 – 19;

    An update of the bibliographical data of the Best Practice Standards selected during Phase I (EG 01 – 08);

    The application of the selection criteria and methodology of the “framework - guidance on selection of standards” on the results of WS 10 Phase I (EG 01 – 08);

    Proposals for improvement of the user-friendliness of the EHDP Website;

    The drafting of a concept for the long-term maintenance of the EHDP.


The Steering Board in National Armaments Directors’ formation tasked the EDA, through the Materiel Standardization Group (MSG), to manage the updating and maintenance of the EHDP following the completion of the third phase of development in 2011. The MSG decided to rename the EHDP to EDSTAR after the handover of EHDP from the European Commission.


The European Commission handed over the EHDP to EDA at the EDA Standardization Day in Budapest in June 2011.

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17 juin 2014 2 17 /06 /juin /2014 09:45
Find out more about EDSTAR at Eurosatory 2014


Paris - 17 June, 2014 European Defence Agency


EDA will host a conference today, June 17, at EUROSATORY 2014 to give participants the chance to learn more about the European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAR).


The conference, which takes place at 14.30, includes speakers from the EDA, the French Defence Standardisation office, and representatives from industry. The EDSTAR platform is a portal on the EDA website. It is designed to assist governmental organisations and the defence industry to help them identify and select the best practice standards to apply during the procurement of defence materiel. Since its creation in 2011, it has grown to contain around 2,000 references to standards and standard-like specifications.

The conference will give more details on how EDSTAR works in practice and how governments and industry can make best use of the system.


More Information

See more details on the conference here
Find out more about EDSTAR on the EDA website 

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