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30 avril 2015 4 30 /04 /avril /2015 10:50
European air-to-air refuelling training delivers results


Eindhoven - 27 April, 2015 by European Defence Agency


The 2015 edition of the European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training (EART), which was hosted by the Netherlands from 13 to 24 April in Eindhoven airbase, has allowed tanker crews from four European nations to benefit from a dedicated training event in a realistic environment.


Initiated by the European Defence Agency and run by the European Air Transport Command (EATC), EART15 gathered air-to-air refuelling (AAR) aircraft from France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Over the course of the event, 56 sorties were flown by the tankers which conducted over 240 contacts with receiver aircraft. These included F-16s, F/A-18s, F-15Cs and Eurofighters – all involved in the multinational fighter exercise “Frisian Flag” on the back of which EART15 had been set up.

This exercise is about increasing interoperability by working together”, Peter Round, EDA Capabilities, Armament and Technology Director, stressed during a Distinguished Visitors (DV) Day organised on 23 April in Eindhoven. “AAR is a critical enabler for all operations, and only through cooperation will we be able to increase European capabilities in this domain”, he added.


Fruitful cooperation

Brigadier General Pascal Chiffoleau, EATC Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander, also provided comments on the successful event: “EART15 is the result of a fruitful cooperation between EDA and EATC working together to develop common knowledge”, he said. “We must continue staging exercises such as this one to further develop AAR but also air transport capabilities in Europe”, he added.

Other activities are ongoing to increase European AAR capabilities, such as the Multinational MRTT Fleet (MMF) initiative led by the Netherlands and supported by the EDA and EATC. Late last year, the Netherlands, Poland and Norway agreed to enter negotiations with Airbus for the purchase of four A330 MRTT multirole tanker/transport aircraft which will be commonly owned, operated and supported. “This initiative will provide access to a cost-effective MRTT capability in support of EU, NATO and national operations”, Johan Van Soest, Eindhoven airbase commander and Chairman of the MMF Steering Group, explained during the DV Day. 


More information

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16 mars 2015 1 16 /03 /mars /2015 16:50
photo Armée de l'Air

photo Armée de l'Air



16/03/2015 Armée de l'air


Jeudi 12 mars 2015, la promotion 2014 de l’École militaire de l’air de Salon-de-Provence a visité l’European Air Transport Command (EATC - commandement du transport aérien européen) à Eindhoven (Pays-Bas).


Après avoir été accueillis par le colonel Jim Kolm, représentant national français au sein de cette structure internationale, les aspirants de l’École militaire de l’air ont visité le quart opérationnel de l’EATC (Mission Controlling). Une table ronde leur a ensuite permis d’échanger sur la dimension internationale d’une carrière d’officier dans l’armée de l’air. Ils ont pu discuter avec du personnel de l’EATC au sujet de la planification et de la conduite des missions de transport aérien dans un contexte international. Ce fut ainsi l’occasion de les sensibiliser aux objectifs et contraintes opérationnelles des missions menées conjointement, ainsi qu’aux importantes avancées en terme d’interopérabilité dans le transport aérien (logistique, entraînements, dimension aéromédicale, etc.), l’aérolargage et le ravitaillement en vol.


Au cours de cette journée, les élèves ont également visité le Movement Coordination Centre Europe (MCCE), organisation voisine et complémentaire de l'EATC, en charge de la coordination de missions de transport air, terre ou mer.


photo Armée de l'Airphoto Armée de l'Air

photo Armée de l'Air

L’EATC en bref


Inauguré le 1er septembre 2010, l’EATC est un commandement multinational dont le projet est né en décembre 1999 d’une volonté franco-allemande de mutualiser les moyens des pays membres dans le domaine du transport aérien militaire. Composé de la France, l’Allemagne, la Belgique, les Pays-Bas, le Luxembourg, l’Espagne et récemment de l’Italie, il est en charge du contrôle opérationnel des appareils de transport aérien militaire des sept pays membres et de l’harmonisation des procédures. A ce jour, la flotte EATC regroupe une grande variété d’avions tactiques et stratégiques, pour un total de 189 aéronefs. Une fois le contrôle opérationnel des aéronefs italiens totalement transféré, l’EATC représentera 75% de la capacité européenne de transport aérien.

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13 mars 2015 5 13 /03 /mars /2015 08:45
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III photo defensie-nl

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III photo defensie-nl


07-03-2015 Defensie.NL


International cooperation in the area of heavy airlift has taken on a new dimension. Today, a C-17 transport aircraft bound for Mali took off from Eindhoven carrying supplies for the Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Dutch and Swedish contingents, the first flight of its kind. Eindhoven Air Base is to serve as the collecting and departure point for these flights in the coming months.


"This is exactly how international cooperation is supposed to work", said General Tom Middendorp, Netherlands Chief of Defence.


The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III's load consisted of personal equipment of military personnel, spare parts for vehicles and helicopters, and food supplies.

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11 février 2015 3 11 /02 /février /2015 12:50
Paratroopers joining EATT 2015


10 February 2015 by Ltc Ballinger - EATC


Towards more interoperability and multinational cooperation for EATT 2015


Paratroopers are widely known by the public as soldiers with specific skills, jumping out of airplanes, fully equipped and ready to start their next mission. 

If one is interested in history, one might know more; especially that paratroopers played an important role during some of the most well-known battles of the last century, such as the battle of the Bulge, Dien Bien Phu or the battle for Kolwezi. The most popular paratrooper of the last century is most probably Private John Steele, who landed during D-Day on the roof of the church in Saint-Mère l’Eglise.


Nowadays military parajumping is undergoing major changes. Due to recent cuts in budgets and aging European Air Transport fleets, less aircraft are available for training. Moreover, today’s operations are multinational, which is a strong incentive for military paratroopers to consider the multinational dimension.

This year and for the first time in the history of the EATC a panel dedicated to cross parajumping has met in the framework of the EATT panel meetings.

The goal of the “Para Panel” is to prepare the paratroopers of the different nations for future common operations.

In June in BEJA, paratroopers coming from the EATT 2015 participating nations will use this opportunity to train on the aircraft of the different nations: for example, French paratroopers are going to certify that their French parachutes can be used on Belgian C-130 for static line jumps.

Once the various equipment of the different participating nations will be qualified on another nation’s aircraft, that aircraft will be used for common training and operations. In the future, this will allow the EATC to choose the best asset available within the EATC for airdrop mission in order to optimize effectiveness and efficiency of air transport operations.


Tomorrow the paratroopers will be joined by other specialists coming from the EATT 15 participating nations. They will all meet at the EATC in Eindhoven in order to prepare the last details for the most important European Air Transport Training of the year.

photo Ltc Ballinger (EATC) photo Ltc Ballinger (EATC)

photo Ltc Ballinger (EATC)

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10 février 2015 2 10 /02 /février /2015 12:50
Second European Tanker Training on the scope


21 January 2015 by Norbert Thomas - EATC


After its great success last year, the EATC together with the EDA and Eindhoven Airbase are about to run the 2nd European Air-to-Air Refuelling training, EART 2015.


Participating agencies and - nations had sent their subject matter experts to Eindhoven in order to discuss planning issues, setting the pace for this year’s EART exercise, which will be conducted from 13 to 24 April 2015 and will see tanker aircraft from France (Boeing (K)C-135 FR), Italy (Boeing KC-767A), Germany (Airbus A310 MRTT) and the Netherlands (McDonnel Douglas KDC-10). So far in discussion is also a fifth tanker from a further non-European country in a kind of observer status.

EART is an excellent training opportunity within Europe to operate missions with dedicated AAR scenarios embedded in Frisian Flag, a highly recognized fighter exercise that runs parallel from Dutch Airbase Leeuwarden in the North of the Netherlands. The EART training concept is made by EATC and performed by Eindhoven Airbase.


Find more about the European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training at our EART website.

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22 avril 2013 1 22 /04 /avril /2013 20:50
Le général Valentin, entouré par le général Pacorel à sa gauche et le général Chiffoleau

Le général Valentin, entouré par le général Pacorel à sa gauche et le général Chiffoleau

22/04/2013 Sources : EATC


Jeudi 18 avril 2013, le général Pascal Valentin, commandant de l’European Air Transport Command (EATC- commandement européen du transport aérien) a reçu des représentants du commandement des forces aériennes (CFA) sur la base aérienne d’Eindhoven (Pays-Bas).


La délégation du CFA était emmenée par le général Patrick Pacorel, commandant en second du CFA et le général Pascal Chiffoleau, chef de la brigade aérienne d’appui et de projection (BAAP) du CFA. Les échanges ont porté sur les recherches de synergies entre les deux commandements, notamment dans les domaines de la formation et des problématiques technico-logistiques.


L’EATC est un commandement multinational dont le but est de mutualiser les moyens de ses pays membres dans le domaine du transport aérien militaire. La Belgique, l’Allemagne, le Luxembourg, les Pays-Bas et la France mettent ainsi une partie de leur flotte à disposition du commandement. L’EATC exerce son contrôle sur une flotte de 130 appareils de 11 types différents. Il est en charge de la planification, du tasking des aéronefs et de la conduite des missions. Pour sa part, la France participe avec des avions de transport tactique de type Hercules, Transall, Casa, et stratégique de type Airbus.


En savoir plus

La France fait partie des nations membres de l'EATC

La France fait partie des nations membres de l'EATC

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