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29 juillet 2015 3 29 /07 /juillet /2015 11:20
ELM-2084 MMR Radar - photo IAI

ELM-2084 MMR Radar - photo IAI


Jul 28, 2015 source IAI


Rheinmetall-Canada and ELTA Systems, an IAI subsidiary and group, have been awarded the significant Medium Range Radar (MRR) program by the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND). The radar to be supplied for the multi-mission role is the ELTA ELM-2084 MMR "Iron Dome" radar which includes C-RAM (Counter Rockets, Artillery and Mortars) and air-surveillance capabilities, and will be produced locally in cooperation with Rheinmetall-Canada.


Following an extensive competition process and demanding demonstrations which also included live fire testing, the ELM-2084 MMR radar was selected due to its superior performance and outstanding capabilities.


The ELM-2084 MMR is an advanced three-dimensional, S-Band radar, incorporating modular and scalable architecture, and is the world-leading multi-mission system. The solid-state, electronically-steered active array system incorporates Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology and offers exceptional detection and accuracy performance. The MMR is a highly mobile system, designed for fast deployment with a minimal crew.


Designed to simultaneously perform hostile weapon locating, friendly-fire ranging and air surveillance, the ELM-2084 MMR radar is able to detect rockets, artillery and mortars at long ranges, and can simultaneously engage a large number of targets. Deployed in a C-RAM role, the MMR can provide fire control when integrated with a weapons system.

Because of its superior tracking capabilities MMR delivers a reliable and improved air situation picture as well as reliable, uninterrupted tracking of any manoeuvring aircraft. Furthermore, it can detect and track low radar cross-section (RCS) targets.

Advanced signal processing enables effective operation even in conditions of heavy clutter as well as in noisy and dense environments, with assured classification and identification of targets and superior low-altitude operation. The radar system also includes advanced Electronic Counter-Counter Measure (ECCM) capabilities.


The two companies will implement a technology transfer program in full conformity with the intent of Canada's recently announced Defence Procurement Strategy to create local jobs and capabilities and help spur economic growth.


"This partnership with ELTA Systems is of strategic importance to Rheinmetall Canada," said Rheinmetall Canada's President and CEO, Dr. Andreas Knackstedt. "ELTA was considered the partner of choice due to the program's demanding requirements. The award of the MRR contract to the Rheinmetall/ELTA team is a testimony of Elta's leading-edge technology and know-how for which it is recognized worldwide."


"We are honoured to have been selected by the Canadian Army," said Mr. Nissim Hadas, IAI Executive VP & ELTA President. "Together, with our partners in Rheinmetall-Canada, we will provide the most sophisticated C-RAM,air-surveillance and radar available, with a significant portion of the production to be performed locally in Canada."

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