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28 octobre 2015 3 28 /10 /octobre /2015 08:30
A counter-measure to small drones has been developed by Elta Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.

A counter-measure to small drones has been developed by Elta Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries.


Oct. 23, 2015 By Richard Tomkins (UPI


BEN GURION INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT , Israel, Oct. 23) -- A counter-measure system that detects, identifies and disrupts small drones has been debuted by Israel Aerospace Industries.


Drone Guard, displayed at an aeropace exhibition in South Korea this week, combines adapted 3-D radars, electro-optical sensors and dedicated electronic attack jamming systems and comes from IAI subsidiary Elta Systems Ltd.


"We have begun demonstrating these novel capabilities to potential customers, in response to this new threat (from small drones)," said Nissim Hadas, IAI executive vice president and president of Elta Systems. "We believe that in the near future every critical asset and public site will require these safety measures for protection against hostile drones."


Drone Guard uses 3D radars -- including Elta's ELM-2026D, ELM-2026B and ELM-2026BF -- for short, medium and long-range detection of drones, coupled with special detection and tracking algorithms. EO sensors for visual identification of the target are also used.


The systems' jamming systems, which can be used as a standalone system, disrupts the drone's flight and can either cause the drone to return to its point of origin or shut down and crash, IAI said.

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26 mars 2014 3 26 /03 /mars /2014 18:30
ELM-2288 radar-ad-star - photo SITTA

ELM-2288 radar-ad-star - photo SITTA


March 26 (UPI)


Israel Aerospace Industries reports it is supplying dual-use civilian and military airspace control and protection radars to an unidentified customer.


The radars to be provided are the ELM-2288 AD-STAR air defense and traffic control radar and the ELM-2106NG 3D tactical air defense radar, which are manufactured by IAI subsidiary ELTA Systems Ltd.


IAI said the radars were configured to the specific requirements of the customer and for the terrain in which they will operate.


"IAI's extensive product line of surveillance radars enables us to integrate optimal customer-specific solutions for defense and civil applications", said an IAI ELTA marketing executive. "We are pleased to report that we are constantly gaining new customers worldwide for our high performance AD-STAR and ELM-2106NG radars."


The AD-STAR ELM-2288MR is a 3D solid-state, long-range S-Band transportable radar for air defense, early warning and traffic control at ranges of more than 186 miles.


The EL/M 2106 NG is a fourth generation 3D system with a range of about 50 miles and can detect low flying aircraft.


IAI gave no details as to a delivery schedule for the systems or their monetary value.

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25 mars 2014 2 25 /03 /mars /2014 18:30
photo Airbus DS

photo Airbus DS


25.03.2014 by Arie Egozi - FG


Tel Aviv - Israel Aerospace Industries is in different stages of negotiations with four countries that have shown interest in the Airbus Defence & Space C295 medium transport, fitted with an airborne early warning and control system suite supplied by its Elta Systems subsidiary.


Airbus has previously flown one of its C295 development aircraft with an aerodynamic model of an AEW rotodome installed.


Elta is offering a mission system including a radar, command, control and communications equipment and electronic intelligence sensors.


An Israeli source says the proposed AEW version of the C295 is an attractive option for air forces that already use the European design for transport applications. The current interest includes some nations that currently use the twin-turboprop, the source reveals.


Airbus says an AEW version of the C295 would have a mission endurance of up to 9h, and be capable of operating at an altitude of up to 26,000ft (7,930m). The company is exhibiting a Brazilian air force-operated C295 at the 25-30 March FIDAE show in Santiago, Chile.

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13 juin 2013 4 13 /06 /juin /2013 07:30
ELM-2022A Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar

ELM-2022A Airborne Maritime Surveillance Radar

10 Jun 2013 By Arie Egozi - FG


Tel Aviv - Israel's Elta Systems has received contracts worth a combined $32 million to supply airborne maritime patrol radars to two foreign customers.


The Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary says it has so far received orders to produce 250 ELM-2022 radars to customers in over 25 countries. The sensor is currently operated on platforms including the Airbus Military C295 and CN235, Bombardier Dash 8, Dornier 228 and Lockheed P-3 maritime patrol aircraft, Eurocopter AS365 Panther helicopter and a maritime surveillance-optimised version of IAI's Heron 1 unmanned air vehicle.


In its latest ELM-2022A(V)3 version, the radar can provide 360˚ tracking from an under-fuselage-, nose- or tail-mounted antenna. It can detect, track, classify and identify maritime and airborne targets in high sea states and high-density environments.


Elta says a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) mode provides high-resolution ground images for detailed examination of coastal structures such as piers, harbours, industrial installations or airfields. It also has an inverse SAR function for the identification of maritime targets.


Through a partnership with Exelis, the ELM-2022 has also been designated as the APY-11 for installation on the US Coast Guard's Lockheed Martin HC-130J long-range surveillance aircraft. Exelis was recently awarded a $6.5 million contract for additional sensors.


"As missions worldwide continue to grow, and become more demanding, we'll continue to adapt our radar to evolving operational requirements," says Elta president Nissim Hadas. The company is adding new modes, such as basic pollution detection and iceberg monitoring, as well as the advanced classification of threats.


Meanwhile, Elta has unveiled an integrated electronic support measures/electronic intelligence capability for its ELM-2060 all-weather synthetic aperture radar reconnaissance pod. The integration of the new equipment was achieved through advances in hardware miniaturisation, the company says.


The ELI-2060E pod can deliver radar imagery with an ELINT target overlay, allowing an operator to collect multi-intelligence data during a single flight.

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9 juin 2013 7 09 /06 /juin /2013 12:30
ELM-2022A multirole radar  - Elta Systems

ELM-2022A multirole radar - Elta Systems

6 Jun 2013 By Arie Egozi - FG


Tel Aviv - Israel Aerospace Industries is in the final stages of delivering a multirole persistent surveillance radar system mounted on an aerostat platform to a foreign customer, with acceptance testing having recently been completed.


The tethered aerostat solution will enable the operator to detect low flying and surface targets at the radar's maximum range by mitigating the curvature of the earth and terrain-masking limitations.


Developed by IAI subsidiary Elta Systems, the sensor is based on the ELM-2022A multirole radar. It detects and automatically tracks maritime and airborne targets, ranging in size from small periscopes to large maritime vessels in high sea states and in high-density coastal environments, the company says. The radar includes a ground moving target indication mode for detection in designated areas of interest.


An electro-optical/infrared sensor payload is also installed on the aerostat and integrated with the radar, allowing enhanced identification capabilities.


The system can be operated locally or remotely and be deployed to different areas of interest as a primary sensor or temporary gap-filler.


"This novel concept, which allows for multisensor, multirole target detection and management, will be one of the first operational multimode aerostat platforms of its kind," says Elta president Nissim Hadas. "It follows IAI/Elta's tradition of innovation and provides the customer with high performance, cost-effective solutions."

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