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4 décembre 2013 3 04 /12 /décembre /2013 18:50
Success of the EURidea Initiative for Novel Defence Research

Brussels | Dec 04, 2013 European Defence Agency

Ideas and research go hand in hand. Novel ideas, experiments, new paths, new ways is what research needs. Also defence research.

For first time through EDA’s EURidiea initiative, the R&T community experiments with a forum where new ideas are tested with policy-makers, administrators and experts. EDA invited researchers throughout Europe to submit new ideas for new technologies for defence. 

Researchers of 13 different countries reacted to our call, and sent in a total of 63 proposals.  33 were selected to be presented in the EUR-idea forum with a breakdown of 13 on Unmanned Systems and Technologies, 10 on Energy, and 10 on Materials and Nanotechnologies. The full list of proposals is available here.

This week, 6 December, researchers can convince decision-makers in this unique environment: the challenge is to win support and investment for the idea!


Success of the EURidea Initiative for Novel Defence Research
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18 octobre 2013 5 18 /10 /octobre /2013 11:50
EURidea for Novel Defence Research


Brussels | Oct 17, 2013 European Defence Agency


Innovation is at the core of defence technology. The European Defence Agency promotes European cooperation in innovative technologies. EURidea is your new forum to pitch novel ideas for defence research.


Research and innovation have a critical role to play in the creation of the next-generation of technologies that will underpin the capabilities for our armed forces. Europe benefits from a leverage effect when innovation is done with partners across the continent. Industry and academics can reduce risks and gain critical mass for innovation when work is conducted between trusted partners across sectors. It is a win-win situation when the best minds work together to tackle major challenges we are facing, now and in the future.


We invite you to propose ideas in critical areas that impact the following three technology areas: 


1. Materials and Nano technologies

The areas of material and particularly nanotechnologies is moving very quickly at the moment. Nano-scale technologies that exploit materials and electronic and optronic components for military but also civil applications (dual use) are of interest to EDA. Especially those technologies which are critical, key enabling or cutting-edge technologies. European supply chain deficiencies, technology dependency risks, standardisation needs or industrial production capabilities can be addressed. We are interested in ideas that are an evolution of the current state of the art but we are also open to ideas that look disruptive (ie not necessarily an evolution of current trends). These may be combinations of new technologies and could be applicable to any domain.


2. Energy

Achieving energy efficiency by novel energy supply technologies working alongside conventional and smart grids across all services (land, sea and air) covering all systems levels down to nano level. Focus areas: fossil fuel dependencies, renewable / alternative energy sources, energy / power storage, efficient distribution and conversion, energy management and efficiency components.


3. Unmanned systems and technologies, including sensor networks

All components or (sub)systems that can be of importance for the autonomy of a system. Unmanned System to be concerned: land, air, naval (surface and underwater). Technology or function to be concerned: high level order follow up, “auto-pilot”, guidance/control, obstacle detection, automatic sense & avoid and “back-home” mode, stress/health monitoring.


We invite ideas from Research Institutes, Universities, Industries, Laboratories and SMEs. 


You can pitch your new, creative and innovative solution to an audience of experts and governmental decision makers from Europe. 


If you like to participate, please submit the enclosed form. The EDA will select the best ideas to be presented at the EDA R&T conference on 5 and 6 December 2013, in Athens, Greece. You will be requested to present your idea in a 5 to 10 minutes speech.


How to participate?

1) Fill in the attached form (EURIDEA application form)

2) Send the form to the EUR-idea@eda.europa.eu by 19 November 2013

3) If your proposal is selected, you will present it during the 2013 R&T conference

4) Your proposal will also be forwarded to the relevant CapTechs


More information:

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