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June 27, 2011 by DEFESA Global


Since June 20, the Portuguese Army is conducting in the north of the country a training exercise with the aim of training the EUROFOR based EUBG 2/2011 high readiness military contingent.


The live exercise designed DRAGÃO/PADRELA 11 include the participation until June 29 of 1374 troops from Portugal, France, Spain and Italy in an geographic area comprising Vila Real and Vila Pouca de Aguiar cities.


From July 01, EUBG 2/2011 will be in standby for a period of six month. If necessary, the force of 1792 soldiers (740 Portuguese, 432 elements from Spain, 177 French troops and 443 Italians) could be projected anywhere in the world. EUBG 2/2011 HQ is located near Paris, France.


The French Army contingent is participating with several wheeled vehicles including the TRM 10000 tractor truck, GBC 180 heavy trucks, Scania trucks based fuel tankers, P4 light utility vehicles and as well as two PVP light armoured vehicles and VLRA TPK 4.25 light truck equipped with MISTRAL air defence system.


The Portuguese Air Force has participated in the exercise with the AW101 Merlin medium tactical transport helicopter and support equipment and maintenance personnel as well as a TACP team.


A newly received shelter based secured/encrypted communications system is being used by the Portuguese troops during the exercise. Due to sensitive issues, no additional information has been provided regarding this specific equipment.








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