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23 mars 2015 1 23 /03 /mars /2015 08:35
Korea Aerospace Industries FA-50 fighter (KAI photo)

Korea Aerospace Industries FA-50 fighter (KAI photo)


21 March 2015 By Jose Katigbak, STAR Washington bureau – Pacific Sentinel


WASHINGTON – The Philippines is planning to purchase 24 more combat aircraft, adding to the 12 FA-50 fighter jets it had ordered from South Korea in 2014, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said.


It did not specify when or from whom the aircraft would be ordered.


The FA-50s were the first order by the Philippines for advanced combat aircraft in decades amid the increasing tensions with China over disputed territories in the South China Sea.


The SIPRI report from Stockholm on Monday said the five biggest weapons exporters in 2010-14 were the United States, Russia, China, Germany and France, and the five biggest importers were India, Saudi Arabia, China, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.


The top five exporters were responsible for almost 74 percent of all arms exports.


Read the full story at The Philippine Star

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5 février 2015 4 05 /02 /février /2015 13:35
Des exercices militaires aériens de grande envergure sont en cours


SEOUL, 05 fév. (Yonhap)


L’armée de l’air sud-coréenne a informé ce jeudi avoir entamé des exercices aériens à une échelle importante avec la participation d’avions d’attaque légers de fabrication locale afin d’évaluer et d’améliorer ses capacités de combat.


La manœuvre, baptisée «Soaring Eagle», a débuté le lundi 2 février et durera deux semaines à la base aérienne de Cheongju, à 137 km au sud de Séoul, a-t-il été précisé.


Cette opération, qui a lieu deux fois par an depuis 2008 avec des exercices air-air et air-sol à travers le pays, «vise à renforcer nos capacités à contrer les infiltrations surprises des ennemis et à détruire leurs positions militaires clés», ont expliqué les forces aériennes dans une déclaration.


«La manœuvre mobilise cette fois-ci une quarantaine d’avions de neuf types différents équipés du système d’armes le plus avancé, dont des chasseurs F-15K et KF-16, ainsi que 320 hommes», a-t-il été ajouté. «La liste comprend aussi pour la première fois deux FA-50.»


Le FA-50, une variante de l’avion d’entraînement supersonique T-50 Golden Eagle, a été développé conjointement par Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) et la firme américaine Lockheed Martin. Il a été mis en service en octobre de l’année dernière.

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4 février 2015 3 04 /02 /février /2015 06:35
S. Korea Pushing to Export FA-50 Fighter Jets to Peru

Having clocked up sales to Indonesia, Iraq and the Philippines, South Korea has now set its sights on Peru as the next export customer for Korea Aerospace Industries FA-50 fighter, and will submit a formal offer this month. (KAI photo)


Feb 03, 2015 defense-aerospace.com

(Source: Yonhap News Agency; published Feb 03, 2015)


SEOUL --- The South Korean military is seeking to export US$1 billion worth of an indigenous light attack aircraft to Peru, an informed source said Tuesday.


"We've been pushing to sell 24 units of the FA-50 to Peru, and are planning to submit a proposal for Lima's fighter purchase project this month," said the source, requesting anonymity. "Factoring in the necessary logistics support, the total amount of the envisioned exports would reach $2 billion."


South Korea is likely to vie with Russia, Italy and China, with the selection expected to be made in the second half of this year, he added.


As a light attack variant of the T-50 Golden Eagle supersonic trainer, the FA-50 was co-developed by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) and U.S. defense firm Lockheed Martin. It is the most advanced variant of the T-50 family operated by the South Korean Air Force.


Equipped with a supersonic advanced light attack platform, the aircraft can carry a weapons load of up to 4.5 tons and be armed with such precision-guided weapons as the GBU-38/B Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) and CBU-105 Sensor Fused Weapon (SFW).


"We could be a favorable bidder, as KAI won a $200 million deal for 20 KT-1 basic trainer aircraft from Peru in November 2012," said an officer of the country's arms procurement agency.


Indonesia bought 16 units in 2011 and Iraq purchased 24 in 2013. The latest export was to the Philippines, which bought 12 units.

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2 avril 2014 3 02 /04 /avril /2014 16:35
KAI Comments FA-50 Sale to Philippines

Korea Aerospace Industries has detailed the $420 million sale of 12 FA-50 light attack fighters to the Philippines, which brings to 52 the number of T-50 variants ordered to date by foreign customers. (KAI photo)


April 2, 2014 defense-aerospace.com/

(Source: Korea Aerospace Industries; dated March 28, 2014)


KAI Won A Contract to Export 12 FA-50s to the Philippines, Worth $420 Million


Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd. (KAI) won a contract to export 12 FA-50s to the Philippines for Philippine Air Force's multi-purpose fighter purchase project in a government-to-government way on March 28th.


This contract including training is valued at $420 million and the company will completely deliver 12 aircraft within 38 months after the deal goes into effect.


The variant of T-50 family has received 52 orders from the Air Forces of Iraq (24) in 2013, Indonesia (16) in 2011 and the Philippines (12) in 2014.


T-50 variant aircraft developed in partnership with Lockheed Martin and in operation in the Republic of Korea Air Force.


The FA-50 measures 13.13m in length, 9.45m in width and 4.85m in height and is able to fly with a max speed of Mach 1.5 with up to 4,500kg armed weapons loaded in it.


FA-50 light attack aircraft, in particular earned KAI recognition for its high-performance and low-cost fighter.


KAI is eyeing to further exporting the T-50 variant aircraft to the U.S.A., Botswana, the U.A.E., Thailand and Peru.

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29 mars 2014 6 29 /03 /mars /2014 21:35
La Corée vend 12 chasseurs FA-50 aux Philippines



SEOUL, 28 mars (Yonhap)


Le gouvernement sud-coréen a signé ce vendredi un contrat de 420 millions de dollars pour l’exportation vers les Philippines de 12 avions de chasse légers FA-50 construits par Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), a annoncé ce vendredi l’Administration du programme d’acquisition de défense (DAPA). Le FA-50 est un dérivé de l’avion d’entraînement supersonique T-50 Golden Eagle que KAI a développé conjointement avec l’américain Lockheed Martin.


Ont participé à la cérémonie de signature à Manille le ministre de la Défense philippin, Voltaire Gazmin, le commissaire de la DAPA, Lee Yong-geol, et le PDG de KAI, Ha Sung-yong. Selon les termes de l’accord de gouvernement à gouvernement, KAI livrera les appareils au cours des 38 prochains mois.


Le contrat a été conclu après que la présidente sud-coréenne Park Geun-hye et le président philippin Benigno Aquino III ont signé en octobre de l’année dernière un protocole d’entente pour l’expansion de la coopération dans le domaine de la défense.

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25 février 2014 2 25 /02 /février /2014 19:35
Les Philippines se rapprochent de l'acquisition de FA-50



25.02.2014 Helen Chachaty journal-aviation.com



Selon l’agence presse Yonhap ainsi que des médias philippins, le gouvernement serait sur le point de conclure un accord avec Korea Aerospace Industries pour l’achat de douze FA-50. Des sources indiquent que le contrat pourrait se monter à 415 millions de dollars. Les négociations durent depuis l’été 2012.

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16 janvier 2012 1 16 /01 /janvier /2012 13:30
South Korea Creates A Jet Fighter

photo KAI

January 16, 2012: STRATEGY PAGE

South Korea has ordered twenty locally made FA-50 fighter-bombers, for $30 million each. The aircraft will be equipped with South Korean, American and Israeli electronics. The single engine, single seat aircraft is intended to eventually replace South Korea's aging fleet of 150 F-5 fighters. But first, the initial twenty FA-50s will have to show what they can do in active service. The first FA-50 will be delivered next year, and the last of them the year after that.

The FA-50 is the combat version of the South Korean designed and manufactured T-50 jet trainer. This aircraft was developed over the last decade, at a cost of over two billion dollars. The first test flight of the T-50 took place in 2002. The 13 ton aircraft is actually a light fighter, and can fly at supersonic speeds. With some added equipment (radars and fire control), the T-50 becomes the FA-50, a combat aircraft. This version carries a 20mm auto-cannon and up to 4.5 tons of smart bombs and missiles. The T-50 can stay in the air about four hours per sortie and has a service life of 8,000 hours in the air. At $20 million each, the T-50 is one of the more competitive jet trainers on the market. About 100-150 of these aircraft are bought each year by the world's air forces. But it is a tough market, and so far the only export customer for the T-50 has been 16 sold to Indonesia.

Nearly a hundred T-50 type aircraft have been produced or are on order. In addition to the FA-50 variant, there is a light bomber variant (the TA-50) that costd $25 million each.

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7 janvier 2012 6 07 /01 /janvier /2012 08:10
Seoul Orders 20 FA-50 Attack Aircraft In a $600 Million Deal

TA-50 breaking formation. Photo: KAI


January 6, 2012 Richard_Dudley – DEFENSE UPDATE


With the New Year barely underway, South Korea is once again demonstrating a determination to build a formidable military force capable of dealing with potential enemies. The government has signed a $600 million deal with Korea Aerospace Industries (KIA) for 20 FA-50 fighter/attack aircraft based on the highly regarded T-50 advanced jet trainer.


KAI is reporting that the aircraft will be delivered between 2013 and 2014. The FA-50 is a lightweight fighter/attack aircraft incorporating the most advanced technology available in the T-50 Golden Eagle family of aircraft.


KAI also believes that South Korea may increase the order to as many as 60 aircraft for use as replacements for the aging 150 Northrop F-5 aircraft currently being operated.


The FA-50 aircraft ordered are expected to be equipped with the Link 16 tactical link, Elta Systems EL/M-2032 pulse Doppler radar, radar warning systems and a night vision imagery system. Northrop Grumman and Raytheon previously selected the FA-50 as a prime candidate for being outfitted with the same version of active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar slated for use in a United States Air Force F-16 upgrade.


The FA-50 is built to carry a weapon’s payload of 9,920 pounds that includes Boeing’s Joint Direct Attack Munitions and Textron’s CBU-97 Sensor Fused Weapon. In addition, the FA-50 is also fitted with a 20mm cannon and is configured to carry air-to-air missiles.


KAI has also included in the Golden Eagle family, along with the T-50 and the FA-50, a T-50B aerobatic aircraft and an armed TA-50. All versions of the Golden Eagle family feature a single General Electric F404 engine.


South Korea is expected to issue a call for bids for its F-X III project in February to select a replacement for its F-4 Phantom jets. The candidates competing for this lucrative contract include the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle, Lockheed Martin F-35, Sukhoi PAK FA, and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

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4 janvier 2012 3 04 /01 /janvier /2012 13:40


photo Korea Aerospace Industries


January 4, 2012 By Greg Waldron – Flight Global


Singapore - South Korea has placed a $600 million order with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for 20 examples of the FA-50 attack variant of the T-50 advanced jet trainer.


KAI said that under the deal it will deliver the aircraft from 2013 to 2014. Seoul could acquire a total of 60 to 150 FA-50s to replace its fleet of more than 150 Northrop F-5s.


The FA-50 is the most advanced variant of the T-50. It will have the Link 16 tactical data link, as well as an Elta Systems EL/M-2032 pulse doppler radar.


Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have said the FA-50 is a candidate for their respective active electronically scanned array (AESA) radars developed for the Lockheed Martin F-16. If the FA-50 does get an AESA radar, it is likely to be the same one chosen for the eventual F-16 radar upgrade for the US Air Force and Republic of Korea Air Force.


The FA-50 is the most advanced variant of KAI's T-50 Golden Eagle


The FA-50 also has a radar warning recover and a night vision imaging system. It is capable of carrying 4,500kg (9,920lb) of weapons, including the Boeing Joint Direct Attack Munition and Textron CBU-97 Sensor Fused Weapon. Like the TA-50, it also has a 20mm cannon and can carry air-to-air missiles.


Aside from the original T-50 and FA-50, KAI has also produced the T-50B enhanced manoeuvrability aerobatic variant and armed TA-50. All of these are powered by a single General Electric F404 engine.


Separately, Seoul is expected to issue a request for proposals in February for its F-X III competition to replace 60 McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantoms. The contenders are the Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle, Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-35 and Sukhoi PAK FA.


Industry observers have said Japan's recent selection of the F-35 for its 42 aircraft F-X fighter requirement will enhance the type's chances in South Korea as well.

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