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16 décembre 2015 3 16 /12 /décembre /2015 11:30
Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender with French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. photo UK MoD

Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender with French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. photo UK MoD


16 December 2015 Ministry of Defence and The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP


The Royal Navy warship HMS Defender has joined the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle ready to support operations against Daesh.


The Type 45 air defence destroyer met the aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean to strengthen the French ship’s ability to conduct air strikes against the terrorist organisation in Iraq and Syria.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

This shows once again that Britain and France stand shoulder to shoulder against this brutal terrorist organisation.

Whether British tourists on a beach in Tunisia or French citizens in Paris, both our nations have had first hand experience of the evil that Daesh is capable of and we are united in our resolve to destroy them.

HMS Defender’s state of the art radars are able provide a clear picture of an area stretching over 300 miles and will defend mulitnational ships, aircraft and land forces part of this taskforce.

The ship’s company of HMS Defender is focussed on the successful outcome of this operation and everyone has their part to play. A constant dialogue with the French Carrier and specific training means that HMS Defender is ready in all respects to protect the task group from a wide variety of threats.

HMS Defender’s Commanding Officer Stephen Higham said:

Every sailor and Royal Marine serving in HMS Defender knows this ship directly contributes to the national security of the UK.

Whether interdicting illegal arms shipments to terrorist groups, delivering world-class air command from the sea or directing and controlling aircraft conducting strikes against Daesh overland, we are resolved to do all we can to keep our country safe and protect our nation’s interests.

HMS Defender is on a nine month deployment to the Middle East and will continue to work with the French Carrier Task Group well into 2016.

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15 décembre 2015 2 15 /12 /décembre /2015 19:30
photo Marine nationale

photo Marine nationale


14/12/2015 Sources : Etat-major des armées


Le 9 décembre 2015, après avoir franchi le canal de Suez pour rallier l’Océan Indien, le Groupe aéronaval (GAN), articulé autour du porte-avions Charles de Gaulle, a intégré la frégate britannique HMS Defender. 


Le 18 novembre 2015, le ministre de la Défense britannique a annoncé l’intégration de la frégate HMS Defender dans le GAN français au titre de la clause d’aide et d’assistance mutuelle prévu par l’article 42.7 du traité de l’Union européenne invoquée par la France. Le HMS Defender est une frégate de défense aérienne mise en service en 2013. Elle contribue à la protection du GAN grâce à ses systèmes de missiles Sea Viper et ASTER. Elle permet de renforcer la maîtrise de l’espace aéromaritime du groupe.


Cet engagement est une marque de la confiance qui existe entre la France et la Grande Bretagne traduite dans le renforcement de la coopération bilatérale initiée en 2010 avec la signature du traité de Lancaster House. Il est une étape supplémentaire vers la capacité recherchée à terme de pouvoir déployer à terme, d’un groupe aéronaval conjoint.

photo Marine nationale

photo Marine nationale

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18 novembre 2015 3 18 /11 /novembre /2015 12:50
HMS Defender - photo Royal Navy

HMS Defender - photo Royal Navy


18 November 2015  Ministry of Defence and The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP


Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender will support the French carrier group


The Royal Navy warship HMS Defender will support the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle when she deploys to tackle ISIL. The ship will provide air defence cover for the French carrier.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

France is firmly resolved in its determination to tackle ISIL and we need to help too.

This barbaric terrorist organisation must be destroyed and it’s right that we offer all the support we can to confront them.

We will continue our own advanced surveillance and strike missions against ISIL. They are a threat to our security in the UK, as well as to France and the rest of Europe.

We will consider any further requests for support from France under Article 42.7 of the EU Treaty following Friday’s Paris terror attacks.

HMS Defender sailed from Portsmouth last month for a nine-month deployment under the command of Commander Stephen Higham.

HMS Defender is capable of carrying out a wide range of operations, including anti-piracy and anti-smuggling activities, disaster relief work and surveillance operations as well as high intensity warfare.

Defender has a ship’s company of 230 and commissioned on 21 March 2013.

HMS Defender is the fifth of the Royal Navy’s six Type 45 Destroyers. She was launched by her sponsor, Lady Massey, on Trafalgar Day (21 October) 2009.

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9 décembre 2014 2 09 /12 /décembre /2014 18:50
HMS Defender transiting the Suez Canal


8 déc. 2014 Royal Navy


With HMS Defender due to arrive home before Christmas we thought you might like to rewind to the beginning of her six-month deployment to the Gulf and see our video of her transiting the famous Suez Canal.


To see more about what the Type 45 destroyer has been doing http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/our-organisation/the-fighting-arms/surface-fleet/destroyers/hms-defender:

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