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17 mars 2014 1 17 /03 /mars /2014 11:40
Ukraine: répercussions sur le secteur aéronautique russe (Iliouchine)



MOSCOU, 17 mars - RIA Novosti


Suite aux événements en Ukraine, le constructeur d'avions russe Iliouchine sera obligé de rechercher des alternatives pour obtenir une partie des équipements destinés à l'avion-cargo militaire Il-476, a annoncé lundi le directeur-général du groupe Iliouchine, Viktor Livanov.


"J'attire votre attention sur les risques: 35 équipements préfabriqués nous sont livrés par l'Ukraine. Si la situation ne change pas dans ce pays, nous serons obligés de rechercher des alternatives pour ces équipements", a indiqué le responsable lors d'un entretien avec le vice-premier ministre russe Dmitri Rogozine.


Le Il-476 (appellation officielle Il-76MD-90A) créé sur la base de l'avion IL-76MD est destiné à transporter des soldats, des véhicules militaires, des cargaisons, du combustible et des containers.


Le cargo a volé pour la première fois en septembre 2012.

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15 mars 2013 5 15 /03 /mars /2013 12:40

Il-476 transport plane


15 March 2013 airforce-technology.com


Ilyushin Aviation Complex has postponed the initial test flight of the Russian Air Force's Il-76MD-90A heavy transport aircraft, due to adverse meteorological conditions, a company spokeswoman has revealed.


The spokeswoman was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying that all preparations were completed, but the test flight had to be cancelled because of heavy snowfall.


Noting that the adverse weather is expected to continue for the next three days, the spokeswoman did not provide any details about a new schedule.


The test flight was set to be conducted from the Zhukovsky flight test centre near Moscow, Russia, according to the Russian Defence Ministry's original programme, which includes a series of 22 test flights.


Data obtained from each test flight is expected to be collected and analysed by experts, to make any necessary enhancements to the aircraft, which is also known as the Il-476.


The aircraft successfully carried out its first 25 minute prolonged test flight at the company's aviation complex in Ulyanovsk, Russia, in February 2013.


An upgraded variant of the Il-76 airlifter, the Il-476 features a new glass cockpit, advanced avionics, on-board communication and navigation systems, fully-digital flight control system, as well as four Aviadvigatel PS-90 high-bypass turbofan engines to reduce fuel consumption.


Displaying a modernised wing-construction, the aircraft is also capable of transporting up to 50t of cargo, which is 20% greater than its predecessor, while cruising at speeds of 850km/h.


A total of 39 aircraft were ordered by the Russian Defence Ministry from United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) under a RUB140bn ($4.5bn) contract in October 2012 to help replace the Il-76 multipurpose aircraft fleet.


Initial aircraft will be shipped in 2014, while the remaining deliveries are scheduled to be completed by 2020.

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5 mars 2012 1 05 /03 /mars /2012 13:50
IL-76MD-90A under construction at Aviastar-SP's production facility

IL-76MD-90A under construction at Aviastar-SP's production facility



NIZHNY NOVGOROD, March 2 (RIA Novosti)


Russia’s modernized Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A aircraft, also known as the Il-476, will conduct its maiden flight by the end of June, Ulyanovsk-based Aviastar aircraft maker said on Friday.


The Il-476 is an extensively modified variant of the Il-76 freighter, with new engines, reinforced wing, modernized cockpit, and heavier payload. The aircraft will be primarily built for the Russian Armed Forces and Emergencies Ministry.


“Project 476 is our future,” Aviastar General Director Sergei Dementyev said.


Aviastar, which also manufactures super-heavy Antonov An-124 transport planes, expects to build up to ten of the Il-476 aircraft per year and is in talks with export customers including India and China as well as commercial customers.


China canceled a contract agreed earlier with Russia for delivery of around 38 Il-76 transport and Il-78 tanker aircraft, after TAPO, the Uzbekistan-based Il-76 airframe producer said it could no longer deliver the airframes as production had slowed.


Russia then had to move production to Aviastar in order to complete the Il-476 modification programs for the Russian Air Force.


The Russian Defense Ministry wants to buy up to 100 of the aircraft over ten years to replace existing Il-76s.

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