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17 juin 2014 2 17 /06 /juin /2014 16:35
New Zealand Shopping for New Rifle


June 17, 2014 defense-aerospace.com

(Source: New Zealand Ministry of Defence; issued June 17, 2014)


Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman says the Government has given approval for the NZDF to seek a replacement for the Steyr rifle.


“It is important NZDF personnel are well equipped and have effective modern rifles suited to today’s operational environment,” says Dr Coleman.


“The Steyr rifle has served the NZDF well for over 20 years and it has seen considerable operational use, but it is now reaching the end of its lifespan. Weapon technology has advanced considerably since the NZDF purchased the Steyr rifle in 1987.


“Modern rifles can be adapted to individual needs, maximising the effectiveness of the weapon. They can be fitted with a range of advanced day and night sights, and other specialised equipment. They can also be adjusted to suit different body sizes, and for the wearing of personal kit.


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14 novembre 2013 4 14 /11 /novembre /2013 08:35
NZ Government to Close Defense Funding Gap


November 13, 2013 defense-aerospace.com

(Source: New Zealand Ministry of Defence; issued Nov. 13, 2013)


Government Remains Committed to Sustainable, Affordable Future Defence Force


Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman told the Defence Industry Association annual conference today that the Government remains committed to a sustainable and affordable future Defence Force out to 2030.


“The Government inherited a substantial long term funding gap in defence, and the 2010 Defence White Paper signalled that new money would be required over time to maintain and improve NZDF capabilities,” says Dr Coleman.


“It is important New Zealand plays our part in international security. The Government is committed to having a future Defence Force which is capable, sustainable, deployable and affordable.”


The NZDF has undergone a period of significant change, and has focused on moving resources from non-deployable to deployable areas of the NZDF. Progress made on the Savings and Redistribution Programme has resulted in $193 million reinvested into frontline capabilities.


The Defence Mid-Point Rebalancing Review (DMRR) was commissioned by Ministers to develop a robust long term funding plan. It was a thorough analytical process which looked at the costs of various combinations of capabilities that would be able to deliver on the Government’s expectations.


DMRR was a combined effort by NZDF, MoD, Treasury and DPMC. It has been identified as a model process for understanding costs across the public service.


The DMRR has been completed and the Government has agreed to a sustainable long term funding approach for the NZDF out to 2030. The details of the funding will be announced in the Budget.


“This funding approach allows the NZDF to plan strategically for its long term future, and it will ensure the NZDF can maintain and improve its current mix of capabilities,” says Dr Coleman.


“It will enable the NZDF to meet the Government’s expectations set out in the 2010 Defence White Paper to protect and advance New Zealand’s interests at home, in the South Pacific and globally.


“The NZDF remains committed to making on-going savings and efficiencies as part of its long term future planning. This continued focus is vital for the NZDF to sustain its capability.”

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