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2011-07-26 (China Military News from China-defense-mashup)


In 2010, PLAN acquired at least total of 9 Ka-31 Airborne early warning helicopters. These helicopters are expected to be stationed onboard the Russian Yaryag and indigeneous aircraft carriers which are under construction.


By the end of July 2011, these pictures of PLA Navy's Ka-31 helicopters indicate that early-warning system of Varyag aircraft carrier is in rapid development, in order to meet the future sea trial and fleet air defense training.


Based on Ka-27 ASW helicopter, Ka-31 features an E-801M solid-state early warning radar which can detect a fighter size target up to 150km away.


In 2009, some pictures which come from Chinese Internet source have provided sufficient supports that China is developing early-warning system under Z-8 AEW platform for Chinese navy's aircraft carrier project.


A bar-shape array radar is installed outside the real cabine door of this Z-8 helicopter. Some analyzers believe that this sensor can provide low-to-medium altitude early warning for task fleet or even carrier strike group. In June 2009, Richard Fisher once reported that  PLA is also known to be developing carrier combat support aircraft, that initially could focus on airborne early warning (AEW) and anti-submarine versions of the Changhe Z-8 helicopter.

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