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24 mars 2014 1 24 /03 /mars /2014 13:50
MBDA : new coastal defence system based on Marte family of anti-ship missiles


03/24/2014 By VMSB


The missile specialist MBDA has developed a new coastal defence system based on the company’s Marte family of anti-ship missiles. The system designated MCDS (Marte Coastal Defence System) is capable of monitoring and picturing sea communication lines, detecting and identifying hostile vessels through the use of surveillance equipment, receiving target data via data-link and neutralizing surface ships.


The MCDS is available with different and flexible configurations depending on customer requirements. This system can operate in either a stand-alone mode or integrated within an existing surveillance radar network.


It consists of a shelter based command and control module that can be connected via data-link with the upper level surveillance system, up to four truck-mounted firing units armed each with up to four Marte MK2/N or Marte ER missiles, as well as associated logistic and support and resupply vehicles.

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