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photo David Monniaux


September 9, 2011 W. Alibrandi, Forecast International - defpro.com


NEWTOWN, Conn. | Microturbo's TRI 40 and TRI 60 engines power several missiles and one target drone.


MBDA's SCALP EG and SCALP Navale are in production, and exports are playing a large role in the company's future. Saudi Arabia has purchased the Storm Shadow for its Tornado fighters, and the sales of Rafale fighters and FREMM frigates should boost demand for this missile.


MBDA is planning to upgrade the SCALP EG with an enhanced version to meet France's and the U.K.'s requirements for long-range and strike missiles. The new missile's range could exceed 1,000 kilometers.


France's Exocet anti-ship missile is one of MBDA's most popular products. The Block 3 Exocet has greater range than the solid-fuel-propelled Block 2 and can also engage land-based targets. Sales to Middle East countries have been a large source of business for MBDA.


Saab Bofors' RBS15 is an anti-ship missile that has been purchased by Sweden, Germany, Poland and Thailand. Several other navies are considering the missile, which may provide a near-constant stream of contracts from 2011-2020.


Composite Engineering's BQM-167 Skeeter drone is powered by the TRI 60, and has been purchased by the U.S. Air Force and Navy. The USAF is replacing its legacy BQM-34 and MQM-107 drones with the Skeeter.

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