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29 juin 2014 7 29 /06 /juin /2014 11:50
NanoSD conference in Avila, Spain (September 23-26, 2014)


source nanosdconf.com

NanoSD 2014 will provide an opportunity to discuss general issues and important impacts of nanotechnology in the development of security and defense. A broad range of defense and security technologies and applications, such as nanostructures, nanosensors, nano energy sources, and nanoelectronics which are influencing these days will be discussed.

It is evident that nanotechnology can bring many innovations into the defense world such as new innovate products, materials and power sources. Therefore, NanoSD 2014 will present current developments, research findings and relevant information on nanotechnology that will impact the security and defense.



Paolo Bondavalli (THALES Research and Technology, France)

Jérôme Bourderionnet (Thales Research and Technology, France)

Fernando Briones (IMM-CSIC, Spain)

Elvira Fortunato (CENIMAT, Portugal)

Raquel Gonzalez-Arrabal (IFN-ETSII, Spain)

Antonio Hernando (IMA-UCM, Spain)

Margaret E. Kosal (Georgia Tech, USA)

Meyya Meyyappan (NASA, USA)

Fabrice Pardo (LPN/CNRS, France)

María Pilar Pina Iritia (INA, Spain)

Jean-Pierre Simonato (CEA-Grenoble, France)

Denis Spitzer (ISL-CNRS-UdS, France)

Nava Swersky Sofer (International Commercialisation Alliance, Israel)

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4 décembre 2013 3 04 /12 /décembre /2013 18:50
Success of the EURidea Initiative for Novel Defence Research

Brussels | Dec 04, 2013 European Defence Agency

Ideas and research go hand in hand. Novel ideas, experiments, new paths, new ways is what research needs. Also defence research.

For first time through EDA’s EURidiea initiative, the R&T community experiments with a forum where new ideas are tested with policy-makers, administrators and experts. EDA invited researchers throughout Europe to submit new ideas for new technologies for defence. 

Researchers of 13 different countries reacted to our call, and sent in a total of 63 proposals.  33 were selected to be presented in the EUR-idea forum with a breakdown of 13 on Unmanned Systems and Technologies, 10 on Energy, and 10 on Materials and Nanotechnologies. The full list of proposals is available here.

This week, 6 December, researchers can convince decision-makers in this unique environment: the challenge is to win support and investment for the idea!


Success of the EURidea Initiative for Novel Defence Research
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