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11 février 2015 3 11 /02 /février /2015 17:50
photo  MBDA - Laurent Guichardon

photo MBDA - Laurent Guichardon


09/02/2015 by MBDA


At the beginning of December 2014, MBDA delivered the first PCP (Platoon Command Post) and IMCP (Improved Missile Control Post) air defence command and control (C2) systems destined for an export customer. Production of the remaining systems currently under order will be spread over the next two years.


These PCP and IMCP systems will form the first air defence sections enabling the operation and coordination of Mistral and/or VL MICA systems. The PCP module is used for the command and control of multi-layered surface to air units. It provides the interface with systems or other sources responsible for coordinating the air space as well with other PCP modules deployed in neighbouring zones. Equipped with the latest 3D radar capable of detecting and identifying aerial targets at ranges of up to 80km, the IMCP module provides the detection, identification and target tracking functions for PCP.


At the heart of the range of surface to air C2 systems offered by MBDA, the combination of the new PCP and IMCP systems will allow a greater flexibility in adapting the number and kind of effectors to meet the requirements posed by the particular threat and the mission.


With 70,000 surface to air missiles, more than 4,000 firing units and around 2,000 C2 systems sold over the last 50 years, MBDA covers all the elements of an air defence system.


Antoine Bouvier, MBDA’s Chief Executive Officer, said : “ The PCP and MCP systems which we are delivering today are at the forefront of C2 technology. The fact that MBDA is able to deliver these first units within the timeframe announced at the launch of the programme in 2011, is another proof of the company’s unequalled experience in the air defence domain”

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11 février 2015 3 11 /02 /février /2015 12:55
photo Laurent Guichardon - MBDA

photo Laurent Guichardon - MBDA


10/02/2015 par Marek Boudeville - Air  & Cosmos


MBDA annonce avoir livré début décembre 2014 pour la première fois à un client export non dévoilé un PCP ( poste de commandement pour défense aérienne) et un IMCP ( poste de contrôle de missiles améliorés). Les PCP et  IMCP permettront de coordonner un système de défense aérienne mettant en œuvre des missiles sol-air Mistral et Mica.


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