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1 juillet 2015 3 01 /07 /juillet /2015 07:35
 Philippine Air Force to operate ultra-modern MRFs

30.06.2015 ptvnews.ph

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) will be joining the ranks of nations operating ultra-modern multi-role fighters (MRFs) by 2021.

This was highlighted by "Flight Plan 2028," a document released by the PAF early this June.

This is the Air Force's strategic acquisition and tactical plan.

Under Flight Plan 2028, the PAF intends to acquire and commission 12 MRFs by 2021 to augment the then existing fleet of South Koren-made F/A-50 jet fighters.

An MRF is a combat aircraft which is capable of conducting strike, surveillance and air-to-air superiority missions.

An example of an MRF is the McDonnell Douglas F-18 "Hornet" strike fighter which is being operated by the US and its allies.

By 2028, as stated in "Flight Plans 2028," the PAF will be able to build up its capability to detect, identify, intercept and neutralize incursions from "Area Readiness 3 to Area Readiness 1."

"Area Readiness 3" refers to 51 to 74 percent of Philippine territory while "Area Readiness 1" means 100 percent of the country's territory which is estimated to be 40,000 square nautical miles.

The PAF will do it once its modern radar systems, long-range patrol aircraft (LRPAs), airborne early warning and control system (AEWCS), surface-attack aircraft (SAA) , light interim fighter trainers (LIFTs), multi-role fighters (MRFs) and missile defense systems (MDS) get online by 2028.

Detection capability will be provided by modern radar systems, and the LRPAs, identification of the threat will be done by the AEWCS, while interception capabilities will given by the SAA, LIFTs, and MRFs.

While neutralization will be done by the MDS should intruding aircraft intrude over land.

PAF spokesperson Col. Enrico Canaya said that this is the breakthrough goal of the Air Force.

The decision to made public "Flight Plan is aimed at informing the public of efforts to modernize the PAF and make it more relevant.

"And by 2022, (the PAF) will (have) already build up its capability to detect, identify, intercept and neutralize incursions in the PADIZ and the West Philippine Sea from 'Area Readiness 4' to 'Area Readiness 3'," Flight Plan 2028 stressed.

PADIZ is short for the "Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone and Area Readiness" which was established in 1953.

It covers the entire Luzon region, parts of Visayas, and locations north of Palawan.

"Area Readiness 4" refers to 50 percent of known Philippine territory while "Area Readiness 3" means 51 to 74 percent of Philippine territories (including PADIZ and the West Philippine Sea).


And by 2022, the PAF hopes to have in service 24 SAA and LIFTs, four LRPAs, six ADSRS (air-defense system radar systems) platforms, six ground based air defense systems, two AEWCS units, 12 MRFs, one C2C center, four electronic countermeasure aircraft, one AA (airborne aircraft) refueler, and four medium-to-heavy lift helicopters. (PNA)

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4 mars 2015 3 04 /03 /mars /2015 13:35
Philippine Air Force C-295M being tested in Seville, Spain

Philippine Air Force C-295M being tested in Seville, Spain


March 3, 2015 manilatimes.net


The cargo and transportation capability of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) will be getting a much needed boost with the arrival of the first C-295 medium lift aircraft from Spanish manufacturer EADS/CASA-Airbus Military this March.


This was confirmed by Department of National Defense (DND) undersecretary for finance, modernization and materiel Fernando Manalo in an interview with the PNA.


“Our first C-295 will be arriving this March,” he said.


The March delivery date of the first C-295 is five months earlier than its scheduled August arrival, Manalo said.


He did not give the specific date for security reasons.


With the early arrival of the first aircraft, the DND undersecretary expects the two other aircraft to follow in short order.


EADS/CASA-Airbus Military won the DND’s medium lift aircraft program by tendering a bid for Php5.29-billion for three aircraft last year.


This is considerably lower than the Php5.3-billion stipulated in the contract.


The PAF’s medium lift capability is presently being fulfilled by its three F-27 “Friendship” aircraft.


“These aircraft will help in troop and limited equipment movement,” DND secretary Voltaire Gazmin earlier said.


The C-295 is described as “a capable and versatile transport and surveillance aircraft.”


EADS/CASA stated that the C-295 can carry up to nine tons of cargo or 71 people.


It also has a maximum cruising speed of 260 knots and operate in short and rough airfields

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4 mars 2015 3 04 /03 /mars /2015 13:35
Armed AW-109s to be Commissioned During The Philippine Navy's 117th Anniversary


04.03.2015 by Maki Catama


MANILA -- The Philippine Navy (PN) has Announced that its two armed AgustaWestland AW-109 "Power" helicopters will be commissioned during its 117th anniversary on May 27.


"We're hoping to commission them by our anniversary this May," Navy spokesperson Col. Edgard Arevalo said in a message to the PNA on Sunday.


The two armed AW-109 airframes arrived in the country last December as part of the five-helicopter deal, worth PhP1.33 billion, signed by the Philippines with AgustaWestland in early 2013.


Three of the AW-109s were delivered and commissioned on Dec. 22, 2013.


The armed versions of the AW-109s will be armed will have machine guns, 20mm cannons and possibly with air-to-ground rockets.


The AW-109 "Power" helicopter is a three-ton class eight-seat helicopter powered by two Pratt and Whitney PW206C engines.


The spacious cabin is designed to be fitted with a number of modular equipment packages for quick and easy conversion between roles.


The aircraft's safety features include a fully separated fuel system, dual hydraulic boost system, dual electrical systems and redundant lubrication and cooling systems for the main transmission and engines.


The AW-109 has established itself as the world's best-selling light-twin helicopter for maritime missions.


Its superior speed, capacity and productivity combined with reliability and ease of maintenance make it the most cost effective maritime helicopter in its class.


For shipboard operations, the aircraft has a reinforced-wheeled landing gear and deck mooring points as well as extensive corrosion protection measures.


The ability to operate-from small ships in high sea state enables the AW- 109 to perform its mission when many others helicopters would be confined to the ship's hangar.


Over 550 AW-109 "Power" and the AW-109 light utility helicopters have been ordered for commercial, parapublic and military applications by customers in almost 50 countries.



The Philippines receives five AgustaWestland AW109 Power helicopters for its navy. The two armed aircraft are currently undergoing assembly before commencing flight tests.  The AgustaWestland AW109 naval helicopters worth Php 2.2 billion funded jointly by the AFP Modernization Program and Department of Energy.

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27 juin 2014 5 27 /06 /juin /2014 16:35
Philippine Air Force receives four new UH-1 Huey helicopters

UH-1 Huey of the Philippine Air Force on display at Camp Aguinaldo. Photo Maurotongco.


27 June 2014 airforce-technology.com


The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has taken delivery of four new UH-1 Huey multi-mission helicopters at Clark Air Base in Pampanga.


Philippines defence secretary Voltaire Gazmin told the Inquirer that the four new UH-1 Hueys are part of the 21 combat utility helicopters being acquired as part of the PAF's modernisation programme.


"The four helicopters are being assembled so they can be displayed during the Air Force anniversary," Gazmin said.


The PAF will celebrate its 67th anniversary on 1 July.


The helicopters would be used by the air force to transport troops and equipment during disaster response.


The air force ordered 21 UH-1 Hueys under a PHP1.26bn ($28m) contract with Rice Aircraft Services and Eagle Copters joint venture (JV) in December 2013.


The PAF is scheduled to take delivery of three more Huey choppers by the end of July.


The helicopters are expected to enhance the country's combat, security and utility, and transport capability.


The PAF is scheduled to take delivery of three more Huey choppers by the end of July.


"There were slight delays in the unloading of equipment in Port Area because of the traffic but hopefully, we will be able to complete all these projects within the year," Gazmin said.


Manufactured by Bell Helicopter, the UH-1 Huey is a multi-mission helicopter designed for airborne command and control, aeromedical evacuation, troop and equipment transport, and search-and-rescue missions.

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5 mars 2014 3 05 /03 /mars /2014 17:35
DND Rebidding 155mm Howitzers

DND will acquire 12 units 155mm howitzer (photo : Rowielip)


Mar. 5, 2014 Defense Studies

Philippine gov't to purchase 12 howitzers

MANILA (Xinhua) -- The Philippine government said Wednesday that it would acquire 12 units of 155-millimeter howitzers in its bid to upgrade the army's capability to fight leftist rebel group New People's Army (NPA) and the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf.

The Department of National Defense (DND) said the government is spending 438.6 million pesos (9.78 million U.S. dollars) to purchase the weapons.

The DND said it will conduct a bidding, which will be open to local and foreign contractors on March 11.

The government said the additional howitzers will be used by the Philippine Army which is at the forefront in the fight against the NPA and the Abu Sayyaf.


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27 mai 2013 1 27 /05 /mai /2013 07:35
Missile container consist of eight SSM (all photos : Philippine Embassy for USA)

Missile container consist of eight SSM (all photos : Philippine Embassy for USA)


25 May 2013 Defense Studies

The BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PF-16), the country’s second Hamilton-class cutter due to arrive this August, is a far more potent weapon platform than her sister ship, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar (PF-15), a Department of National Defense (DND) official who asked not to be named bared yesterday.

“Her weapons system is heavier and sophisticated than those of the BRP Gregorio del Pilar,” he said.


However, the DND officer declined to specify these weapon systems and stressed that such items cannot be divulged due to matters of national security.

He made this announcement when asked if there is truth to reports that a Harpoon anti-ship missile system was installed as part of BRP Ramon Alcaraz’s armament fit.

At present, the Filipino warship is believed to be carrying a 76mm Oto Melara automatic cannon, two 25 Bushmaster guns and assorted machine guns.


In contrast, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, which arrived in the country in December 2011, is only armed with the 76mm Oto Melara automatic cannon, making it prudent to install additional 20mm automatic cannons as her secondary weapons.

BRP Ramon Alcaraz is presently carrying out sea trials off the waters of South Carolina in the United States.

She is expected to depart for the Philippines by first week of June.


The ship is “fully mission capable” on her arrival.

Maritime observers said this development speaks well of the PN efforts to modernize and boost its power projection capabilities.

“With the arrival of our Hamilton-class cutters, which are being converted to frigates, the PN has started its first step in developing its blue-water capability or the ability to detect or engage intruders in the high seas,” they said.


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