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5 septembre 2014 5 05 /09 /septembre /2014 07:30
The Logistics Behind Emergency Aid Drops 1400

4 sept. 2014 British Forces News


The Logistics Behind Emergency Aid Drops 1400

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2 septembre 2014 2 02 /09 /septembre /2014 10:30
Humanitarian Aid to Iraq via Cyprus


2 sept. 2014 defenceheadquarters


A Royal Air Force C17 based at RAF Brize Norton has delivered Humanitarian Aid to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, for onwards travel to the people of Iraq.

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1 septembre 2014 1 01 /09 /septembre /2014 19:50
A Russian SU-27 Flanker (top) with a RAF Typhoon fighter

A Russian SU-27 Flanker (top) with a RAF Typhoon fighter


1 September 2014 Ministry of Defence


The handover marks the conclusion of a four-month NATO deployment to secure NATO’s airspace over Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania


Royal Air Force No 135 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) has formally handed over the role of supporting nation in the Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission to the Royal Canadian Air Force.


The handover ceremony marked the conclusion of the four month deployment of four RAF Typhoon fighter aircraft that have been providing reassurance to the UK’s allies in the region.


Over the past 10 years the BAP mission has seen NATO allies deploy air defence aircraft to secure NATO’s airspace over the Baltic nations of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.


Additionally, the role of lead nation was handed over from the Polish Air Force to the Portuguese Air Force.


The British Ambassador to Lithuania, His Excellency David Hunt said:

    The deployment of the RAF Typhoons has been seen as an act of solidarity during a period of genuine insecurity in Lithuania’s Eastern neighbourhood. Our bilateral relationship is already close but the RAF’s augmentation of BAP has added another dimension to our growing defence cooperation.

    The RAF has enhanced the UK’s reputation over the last four months and I am very grateful for everything they have done.


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14 août 2014 4 14 /08 /août /2014 13:30
British aid for Yazidi refugees fleeing Mount Sinjar

International Rescue Committee helping Iraqi Yazidi refugees in Newroz camp. Picture: Rachel Unkovic/International Rescue Committee


14 August 2014 Department for International Development, Ministry of Defence and The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP


Britain will boost its support for 12,000 Yazidi refugees who have escaped from Mount Sinjar and made it to a refugee camp across the Syrian border, International Development Secretary Justine Greening has announced.


The Department for International Development (DFID) is providing funding for the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to provide a month’s worth of water and medicine for the refugees. British funding for other aid agencies working in the Newroz refugee camp will support the distribution of hygiene kits to almost 4,000 men, women and children, ensuring refugees stay healthy and reducing the spread of disease.

A few weeks ago Newroz camp, in north-eastern Syria, was home to just 20 Syrian families displaced by the conflict in their country. But over the past week the IRC has been providing medical care and essential items to 12,000 people who have fled the mountain.

The Yazidi refugees walked up to 60km before reaching the camp, facing temperatures of up to 50 degrees and without water. To prevent refugees dying the IRC has distributed 90,000 litres of water and 600 jerry cans.

Justine Greening said:

These 12,000 Yazidi refugees have escaped a siege, walked 60km in 50 degree heat and found their way across the Syrian border to a refugee camp that used to house just 20 families.

They have shown immense courage to make it this far and we are extremely concerned for their wellbeing. By supporting the work of the International Rescue Committee, Britain will provide vital medicine and water to give immediate assistance.

Britain will continue to help the Yazidi people stranded on Mount Sinjar with airdrops of emergency aid.

Suzanna Tkalec, the International Rescue Committee’s Country Director in Iraq, said:

Thanks to funding from the UK we were able to reach severely dehydrated refugees straight away.

We are still gravely concerned for the thousands of people still stranded on the Sinjar mountains. Those that have managed to escape are seriously debilitated after having spent days without water and food on temperatures that reach 50 degrees.

We want all the people still there to be safely extracted from the mountain and brought to a safe place where they can receive immediate assistance.

A Yazidi woman now living at the Newroz camp said:

I was in the Sinjar mountains for a week before I escaped. Now I am a volunteer with the IRC in the health tent. I write the prescriptions. The people who are coming from the mountains after me are in bad shape. They are dehydrated and have fevers.

The UK has also deployed a technical adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government to boost their capacity to work with the UN and help ensure that assistance gets to those who need it most. Britain has already provided £3 million to four charities scaling up their efforts in the region.

UK humanitarian advisors are working closely with aid agencies in this region to assess what further assistance Britain can provide to help the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this crisis.

Justine Greening announced £8 million in new assistance for those displaced in Iraq on 8 August. This brings to £13 million the total committed by the UK in response to the crisis. This includes:

  • £2 million of emergency humanitarian supplies for 75,000 people, including aid that can be air dropped to help those trapped in the Sinjar Mountains as quickly as possible. Supplies will include reusable filtration containers filled with clean water, tarpaulins and basic shelter equipment, and solar lights that can also recharge mobile phones to enable communication
  • £3 million of fast-tracked funding for Mercy Corps, the IRC, who are already on the ground and helping displaced people in northern Iraq. This will go via DFID’s Rapid Response Facility, which has now been activated to deal with the crisis
  • £2.5 million of support for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to provide immediate medical and humanitarian assistance
  • a further £500,000 that will ensure Kurdish and UN systems are able to coordinate and respond to humanitarian needs in the region

See a summary and latest updates on the UK government’s repsonse to the Iraq crisis

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14 août 2014 4 14 /08 /août /2014 07:30
RAF Chinooks now considered for Iraq aid crisis


12 Aug 2014 By Ben Farmer, Defence Correspondent


British Chinook helicopters could soon join RAF transport planes and Tornado jets operating in Iraq as the UK rapidly escalates its aid mission


Britain is considering sending Chinook helicopters to Iraq to bolster an aid mission for thousands of desperate refugees fleeing Islamist extremists demanding they convert or die.

The heavy lift helicopters would join two RAF C130 Hercules planes already carrying out aid drops and Tornado jets on their way to the region, as Britain rapidly steps up efforts to save a quarter of a million people fleeing fighting in northern Iraq.

The proposal was being discussed in a meeting of Government’s COBR emergencies committee on Tuesday afternoon.


Read more

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13 août 2014 3 13 /08 /août /2014 19:30
British Forces Cyprus Steps Up Iraq Aid Response


13 août 2014 British Forces News


Efforts to support the response to the humanitarian crisis in Iraq have been stepped up in Cyprus.

The British military has made five air drops to refugees so far - and more are planned.

The Commander of British Forces Cyprus says the base is ready to do whatever is required to get aid to the people that need it.

Last night three Tornado jets arrived at RAF Akrotiri to provide surveillance and more are expected in the next 12 hours along with Chinook helicopters.

Carla Prater has the latest.

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13 août 2014 3 13 /08 /août /2014 16:30
Irak: ciel menaçant pour les djihadistes, après les Américains, les GR4 Tornado britanniques


12 août 2014 par Jacques N. Godbout – 45eNord.ca


Les djihadistes de l’État islamique n’aimeront ce qu’ils vont voir dans le ciel d’Irak: après les chasseurs américains F/A-18 et F-15E, les Britanniques vont à leur tour déployer des chasseurs GR4 Tornado dans le nord de l’Irak pour soutenir la mission d’assistance humanitaire en cours dans le pays.


Les chasseurs Tornado vont bientôt quitter la base aérienne Royal Air Force (RAF) Marham, dans le Norfolk, et s’envoler pour l’Irak, où l’équipage d’un avion de transport RAF C-130 équipage avaient dû récemment renoncer à un deuxième parachutage de secours destinés aux civils pris au piège sur le Mont Sinjar pour des raisons de sécurité. sur les préoccupations pour la sécurité des civils pris au piège sur le mont Sinjar.


Un porte-parole de Downing Street a déclaré que le Royaume-Uni s’est engagé à poursuivre le largage de l’aide humanitaire dans les prochains jours et était à la recherche d’une solution à long terme qui permettra de fournir en toute sécurité de l’aide aux civils.


«Dans le cadre de ce travail, nous avons décidé de pré-positionner un petit nombre de chasseurs Tornado dans la région afin qu’ils puissent, si nécessaire, utiliser leur excellente capacité de surveillance», nous permettant de mieux connaître le nombre et la position exact des civils sur le mont Sinjar.

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13 août 2014 3 13 /08 /août /2014 12:30
A Tornado GR4 equipped with the Litening III pod taking off from RAF Marham

A Tornado GR4 equipped with the Litening III pod taking off from RAF Marham


12 August 2014 Department for International Development, Ministry of Defence and The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP


The Royal Air Force has sent Tornado aircraft from RAF Marham to support humanitarian operations in Iraq if required

A small number of aircraft, fitted with state-of-the-art Litening III reconnaissance pods, left Norfolk this afternoon. They will be positioned in Cyprus, available to fly over the crisis area at short notice to provide vital intelligence to assist the delivery of the UK aid.

So far, three consignments of aid, provided by the Department for International Development, have been delivered to the area by the RAF using Hercules aircraft.

The humanitarian aid drops by RAF C130 aircraft, which took place early this morning, included nearly 9,000 5-litre water bottles and 816 solar lanterns.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

Thousands of innocent people suffering in northern Iraq urgently need our help. Tornado aircraft will be able to play a specialist surveillance role to give us a more complete picture of the situation in the crisis area. I also want to express my gratitude to the aircrews and supporting personnel who have delivered three significant aid drops already and will continue to do so.

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12 août 2014 2 12 /08 /août /2014 19:30
How UK Get Humanitarian Aid to Iraq

12 août 2014 British Forces News


RAF Tornados have left RAF Marham this afternoon bound for Cyprus from where they will conduct surveillance missions over Northern Iraq.

Meanwhile, the RAF has dropped a second batch of aid to thousands of people trapped on a mountain as they flee advancing Islamic State militants.

The MOD are now also considering the use of RAF Chinooks for humanitarian work in the area.

The batch included more than fifteen thousand litres of clean water as well as solar lamps.

The nerve centre for the operation is at the former RAF Airfield at Kemble in Gloucestershire from where Tim Cooper reports.

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11 août 2014 1 11 /08 /août /2014 20:30
Des parlementaires anglais réclament une intervention en Irak

Des hommes de l'armée de l'air britannique assurent le chargement de matériels humanitaires à destination des réfugiés irakiens dans Hercules C130, mercredi, sur la base RAF Brize Norton, au nord-ouest de Londres. - photo UK MoD


11/08/2014 Par Iseult Cornalin - LeFigaro.fr


Pour l'instant, les Britanniques se sont cantonné à la distribution d'aide humanitaire.


Et si Londres intervenait militairement en Irak ? Cette hypothèse, bien peu crédible jusqu'à peu, en raison des profondes cicatrices provoquées par l'opération menée par l'ancien premier ministre Tony Blair en 2003, pourrait devenir réalité. C'est en tout cas le souhait de nombreux parlementaires.


Lire l’article

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11 août 2014 1 11 /08 /août /2014 19:05
Britain deploys Tornados for Iraq aid reconnaissance

Tornado from 31 Sqn RAF Marham


11 Aug 2014 By Ben Farmer, Defence Correspondent


Britain is sending RAF Tornado jets back to Iraq, to help an international aid mission for tens of thousands of refugees fleeing Islamic State extremists.


The jets are being sent to the Middle East in preparation for a surveillance mission scanning the deserts of northern Iraq where military aid flights are dropping supplies to thousands trapped without water or food.


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11 août 2014 1 11 /08 /août /2014 17:50
Irak: le deuxième largage d'aide britannique interrompu par sécurité


11 août 2014 Romandie.com (AFP)


Londres - La deuxième mission britannique qui devait parachuter de l'aide humanitaire aux civils poursuivis par les jihadistes dans le nord de l'Irak a dû être interrompue pour raisons de sécurité lundi, a annoncé la Royal Air Force.


La priorité va à la sécurité de la communauté Yazidi. Vu le nombre de personnes sur les zones de largage ce matin, l'équipage a pris la décision responsable de ne pas procéder aux parachutages afin de ne pas mettre en danger la vie des personnes sur le site, a souligné un porte-parole de la RAF.


Nous allons procéder dès que possible à de nouveaux parachutages de vivres et de matériel de survie, a ajouté la même source, laissant entendre qu'ils auraient lieu dans les 24 heures.


Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Philip Hammond, a répété lundi après-midi sur la BBC, après avoir présidé une réunion d'urgence sur la situation en Irak, que la préoccupation britannique était humanitaire.


Nous n'envisageons pas à l'heure actuelle de prendre part aux combats, a-t-il martelé.


Il y a un désastre humanitaire potentiel à grande échelle et il nous incombe, ainsi qu'à tous ceux qui en ont la capacité, de voir ce que nous pouvons faire pour apporter tout le soutien humanitaire possible et pour essayer de trouver un moyen de mettre ces gens en sécurité, a-t-il ajouté.


Deux Hercules C130 étaient partis samedi du Royaume-Uni pour venir en aide à la minorité Yazidi bloquée dans les montagnes de Sinjar.


Un des deux avions a largué dimanche 6.000 litres d'eau potable et 240 lampes solaires pouvant également servir à recharger des téléphones portables.


Les services du Premier ministre, David Cameron, actuellement en vacances au Portugal, ont également rappelé la détermination du gouvernement à ne pas intervenir militairement contre les jihadistes de l'État islamique (EI).


Nous avons été très clairs sur le fait que les troupes britanniques ne retourneront pas combattre en Irak et il n'y a aucune discussion en cours quant à une éventuelle participation aux frappes aériennes américaines, a souligné une porte-parole du 10, Downing Street.


Convoquer le Parlement, qui avait opposé son veto à une intervention armée en Syrie l'année dernière, n'est pas non plus à l'ordre du jour, ont ajouté les services du Premier ministre et Philip Hammond, malgré les appels pressants de plusieurs députés en ce sens.


Interrogé sur la possibilité de livrer des armes, la porte-parole de Downing Street a répondu: Nous estimons qu'il est important que les forces irakiennes, y compris kurdes, soient en mesure de répondre à l'EI et de juguler cette crise.


Nous allons nous pencher sur les options qui puissent le permettre. Mais il n'y a pas encore eu de véritable discussion à ce sujet et certainement aucune décision, a-t-elle ajouté, alors que la France a demandé lundi à l'Union européenne de se mobiliser face à la demande d'armements du président du Kurdistan irakien, Massoud Barzani.

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11 août 2014 1 11 /08 /août /2014 12:45
A400M - first plane for Royal Air Force - engine tests and taxying


11 août 2014 Airbus DS


The first Airbus Defence and Space A400M new generation airlifter for the Royal Air Force has taken another step towards delivery with engine tests and taxying trials.

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10 août 2014 7 10 /08 /août /2014 17:50
F-35B Successfully Completes Wet Runway And Crosswind Testing


01 August 2014 Eric Schnaible - RAF


Fort Worth, Texas, July 30, 2014 – In an important program milestone enabling U.S. Marines Corps Initial Operational Capability (IOC) certification, the Lockheed Martin F-35B recently completed required wet runway and crosswind testing at Edwards Air Force Base, California.


“This testing is absolutely critical to 2B flight software fleet release and the Marine Corps’ IOC,” said J.D. McFarlan, Lockheed Martin's vice president for F-35 Test & Verification. “Collectively, the results support clearing the 20 knot crosswind envelope for Conventional Take Off & Landings (CTOL), Short Take Offs (STO) and Short Landings (SL), with ideal handling quality ratings and meaningful improvement over legacy 4th generational fighter aircraft.”


The testing, completed in 37 missions during a 41-day period, achieved 114 test points, including 48 of 48 wet runway test points, four of four performance STOs, 12 of 18 unique flight test conditions for STO, 19 of 23 unique flight test conditions for SLs and all directional control and anti-skid wet runway testing. All testing was performed with BF-4, based at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland.


In other achievements, four aircraft surpassed flight hour milestones, demonstrating program maturity and reliability: F-35C aircraft CF-1 and F-35A aircraft AF-4 achieved 500 flight hours, and F-35C aircraft CF-5 achieved 100 flight hours.


The F-35 Lightning II, a 5th generation fighter, combines advanced low observable stealth technology with fighter speed and agility, fully fused sensor information, network-enabled operations and advanced sustainment. Three distinct variants of the F-35 will replace the A-10 and F-16 for the U.S. Air Force, the F/A-18 for the U.S. Navy, the F/A-18 and AV-8B Harrier for the U.S. Marine Corps, and a variety of fighters for at least 10 other countries. Following the U.S. Marine Corps’ planned July 2015 IOC, the U.S. Air Force and Navy intend to attain IOC in Aug. 2016 and 2018, respectively.


Group Captain Paul Godfrey, the Royal Air Force officer responsible for entry into service of the aircraft, which will be known in the UK as Lightning II said: ‘’The achievement of yet another important milestone within the F-35B programme continues to cement the foundations of the UK Initial Operating Capability in 2018. Although crosswind limits and runway conditions do not often get attention outside of specialist forums, the ability to be able to land and take off in a range of weathers is critical to the operational capability of the aircraft. To be at this level early in the development of the aircraft is a huge step forward and has already surpassed legacy STOVL aircraft limitations, which is testament to the next-generation flight control software on the F-35 and the ease of operation for the pilot.’’

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10 août 2014 7 10 /08 /août /2014 16:50
QinetiQ wins £33m military simulation contract


10 Aug 2014 By Alan Tovey - telegraph.co.uk


Defence technology group QinetiQ agrees five-year deal to train soliders and pilots in virtual world


Defence and technology company QinetiQ is enabling air force pilots and army commanders to train together in a virtual battlefield – even though they might be thousands of miles apart in real life.

The company has agreed a five-year, £33m deal that will allow airmen and soldiers to practise working together in simulators before being deployed abroad.

The system – at the Air Battlespace Training Centre at RAF Waddington in Lincoln – links together aircraft simulators, ground forces’ control tents and even individual troops so they can train on working in combined operations.

The virtual set-up allows commanders in the simulated headquarters to co-ordinate airstrikes in real-time with troops on the virtual battlefield calling in the jets, which are being flown by pilots in simulators. This means they can learn how to carry out complex procedures and potentially dangerous operations without the risk of harm if they make an error.


Read full article

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10 août 2014 7 10 /08 /août /2014 11:50
A400M Atlas MSN015 photo Neil Bryden

A400M Atlas MSN015 photo Neil Bryden


7 August - Rebecca Jepps - EATC


The RAF’s first Atlas, MSN015 is currently on the Final Assembly Line (FAL) and is very shortly due to make its first flight. It will then be painted with the RAF markings and roundels and is scheduled to be delivered to its new home at RAF Brize Norton in autumn this year. All pilots destined to fly "Atlas" will be initially trained and awarded their coveted RAF ‘wings’ by 45(R) Sqn, part of No 3 Flying Training School. The A400M will replace British C-130K Hercules and will provide an enhanced tactical and strategic capability to the RAF’s Air Mobility Fleet. Capable of carrying a 25-tonne payload over 2,000 nautical miles with the ability to land on short, unprepared landing strips, the aircraft will be used at the point of need in peace, crisis or conflict.

The RAF plans to introduce 22 A400M aircraft. The first aircraft introduction is scheduled for autumn this year.

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10 août 2014 7 10 /08 /août /2014 10:30
La Grande-Bretagne a largué de l'aide humanitaire dans le nord de l'Irak


10 août 2014 Romandie.com (AFP)


Londres - La Grande-Bretagne a commencé à larguer de l'aide humanitaire aux populations menacées par l'avancée des jihadistes de l'Etat islamique dans le nord de l'Irak dimanche, a déclaré un porte-parole du ministère britannique du développement international à l'AFP.


Parti du Royaume-Uni samedi soir, le premier des deux avions envoyés par l'armée britannique a parachuté de la nourriture et de l'eau à la minorité Yazidi bloquée dans les montagnes de Sinjar, le deuxième devant intervenir plus tard, a précisé la même source.


Un porte-parole du ministère britannique de la Défense a confirmé que le parachutage avait eu lieu durant la nuit de samedi à dimanche en Irak.


Les deux Hercules C130 sont partis de la base de la Royal Air Force à Brize Norton, au centre de l'Angleterre, avec à bord des vivres mais aussi des tentes, des filtres à eau et des lampes marchant à l'énergie solaire et pouvant également servir à recharger des téléphones portables.


On peut s'attendre à des opérations de parachutage en continu, coordonnées avec les Etats-Unis et potentiellement d'autres pays, avait souligné samedi le chef de la diplomatie britannique, Philipp Hammond, après avoir présidé une réunion de crise du gouvernement.


Mais nous regardons également de manière plus générale comment aider ces populations à descendre de la montagne et sortir d'une situation qui est totalement inacceptable, avait-il ajouté.


L'envoi des deux avions fait partie d'un plan d'aide de 8 millions de livres (10 millions d'euros) débloqué par le gouvernement britannique pour le nord de l'Irak.


Les Etats-Unis ont largué dimanche de nouvelles cargaisons de vivres -- l'équivalent de 52.000 repas -- et des conteneurs d'eau après avoir déjà mené des opérations similaires jeudi et vendredi.


La France a, elle, évoqué samedi soir des livraisons dans les prochaines heures d'équipements de premiers secours.

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18 juillet 2014 5 18 /07 /juillet /2014 16:50
All Royal Air Force MRTT enter service on schedule


Tuesday 15 July - Norbert Thomas - EATC


According to the official Royal Air Force news, the largest aircraft of the RAF air transport (AT) fleet, the Airbus A 330 MRTT “Voyager”, flew into Farnborough yesterday morning for the start of the International Farnborough Air Show - and with the British MoD confirming all nine aircraft have now been delivered to the RAF: on time and on budget.

Therewith the British Air Force contains the most modern - multirole - air transport fleet within Europe – although EATC is also about to replace some strategic AT-aircraft in the midterm future: Starting 2017 with assigned French and Spanish Airbus A330 (enhanced) MRTT.

EATC’s strategic fleet is actually composed of two Dutch KDC-10, five German A310 and A310 MRTT, two French A 340 and three A310, one Belgian Airbus A321 as well as three Spanish B 707 to be taken over under EATC operational command (OPCON) by the end of this year. Assuming Italy will join the EATC, the use of four KC-767A becomes a likely enhancement.  

After A400M Transfer of Authority (ToA)
EATC is right now more focusing on the tactical issue of its assigned fleet, as the reliable but also old Transall and Hercules face their end of duty in the upcoming years - while the first both French A400M have already faced the ToA from France towards EATC OPCON and now need to be introduced within the assigned tactical EATC fleet - in parallel contain their testing at the French Multinational Entry into Service Team (MEST).
After the first A400M have already been in mission abroad and taken part at several exercises, EATC’s functional division starts focusing on the next nations the aircraft is to be delivered to: first German A400M is planned to be handed over to the German Air Force this fall, the first Spanish aircraft will be delivered early 2016 under the SOC 2 (standard operational clearance) - to be able to fulfill enhanced tactical missions and additional performances. With the constant introduction of the A400M aircraft by then the tactical fleet of EATC will get dramatically younger.

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18 juillet 2014 5 18 /07 /juillet /2014 12:50
Storm Shadow on Italian Eurofighter Typhoon photo  L. Caliaro MBDA

Storm Shadow on Italian Eurofighter Typhoon photo L. Caliaro MBDA


17 July 2014 Ministry of Defence, Defence Equipment and Support and Philip Dunne MP


Storm Shadow missiles are to be fitted to RAF Typhoon fast jets following a £120 million agreement signed today.


Storm Shadow, which provides long-range air-to-surface capabilities, is one of the most advanced missiles of its kind. It is capable of defeating various targets, including bridges, airfields, harbours and parked aircraft.

The missiles, produced by MBDA, have previously been deployed on Tornado GR4 aircraft during operations over Iraq and Libya. These will now be fitted onto Typhoon tranche 2 and 3 aircraft ready to enter service with the RAF in 2018.

Welcoming today’s announcement, Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology Philip Dunne said:

Storm Shadow has a deserved reputation for accuracy and reliability. The integration of Storm Shadow onto RAF Typhoons is another powerful sign of our commitment to the continued capability development of this world-class aircraft.

The ability to prosecute stand-off targeting while maintaining control of the airspace will provide Typhoon with unique battle-winning capability.

The agreement, made at the Farnborough International Air Show today, 17 July, was signed between the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency, on behalf of the partner nations, and Eurofighter GmbH.

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16 juillet 2014 3 16 /07 /juillet /2014 16:50
700 HP Speedboat Can't Outrun the Brimstone Missile



16.07.2014 by MBDAInc


A Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado GR4 jet aircraft attacked a remotely-controlled 40ft Fast in-Shore Attack Craft (FIAC) powered by twin 350hp engines. Two successful shots were taken, one with a telemetry Dual Mode Brimstone missile (non-warhead, data-gathering missile), and one with an operational Dual Mode Brimstone missile. Both missiles were fitted with MBDA Inc's latest anti-FIAC software upgrades which optimized the missile for the unique challenges of maritime engagements.

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16 juillet 2014 3 16 /07 /juillet /2014 05:55
UK and France Strengthen Defence Cooperation


15 July 2014 Royal Air Force


Defence cooperation between the UK and France has been strengthened following agreements signed at the Farnborough Air Show today.


Philip Hammond and Jean-Yves Le Drian agreed to bolster cooperation relating to the acquisition and support of military equipment for both the UK and French Armed Forces.


The agreement follows on from the communiqué that was signed by Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande at RAF Brize Norton in January, which set out plans for closer ties between the two countries.


As part of the deal signed today, the UK and France agreed a £120 million Feasibility Phase with six industry partners for the joint development of Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle concepts and technologies. They also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the SCALP / Stormshadow missile programme with MBDA that continues our cooperation on this important cruise missile capability.


Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said : “The UK and France are committed to delivering effective military capabilities underpinned by cutting edge technology, developed by strong and capable defence industries. This relationship is essential to how we will operate in the future, by ensuring we can deal with the global defence and security challenges we and our Allies may face.”


Minister of Defence Jean-Yves le Drian said: “The arrangement related to Future Combat Air System is an historical opportunity for France and the United Kingdom to shape and sustain in the long term a strong innovative and sovereign combat aircraft industry. With continuation of development of cruise missile SCALP/STORM SHADOW, after signature of the FASGW(H) / ANL contract previously this year, the two nations demonstrated their commitment to sustain the cross-frontier One Complex Weapons industry through inter-dependence for missile sub-systems and secure significant efficiencies on future programmes.

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15 juillet 2014 2 15 /07 /juillet /2014 07:50
Typhoon Display from the Cockpit


13.07.2014 by Royal Air Force


Flight Lieutenant Noel Rees is this year's Typhoon Display pilot. See his display from the cockpit when he entertained the crowds at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford 2014.

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11 juillet 2014 5 11 /07 /juillet /2014 14:50
A400M arrival to RIAT


11.07.2014 Airbus DS


A400M brings the global air chefs from RAF Brize Norton to the Royal International Air Tattoo 2014.

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9 juillet 2014 3 09 /07 /juillet /2014 16:50
photo Royal Air Force

photo Royal Air Force


08/07/2014 par François Julian – Air & Cosmos


C'est l'agence Reuters qui l'annonce : la compagnie aérienne britannique Flybe aurait remporté l'appel d'offres portant sur la maintenance des A400M de Royal Air Force. Contacté, Airbus Military n'a pas souhaité commenté l'information. Une annonce pourrait être faite au prochain salon de Farnborough.


Flybe, compagnie aérienne low cost de transport régional, aurait visiblement remporté une compétition l'opposant à des sociétés de maintenance spécialisées dans les avions militaires.


Pour l'heure, l'étendue des opérations de maintenance que pourra effectuer la compagnie aérienne reste inconnue.


La France, premier pays à aligner l'A400M, a choisi un mode de fonctionnement différent pour ses propres A400M : en coopération avec le constructeur, c'est le SIAé (Service industriel de l'aéronautique) qui assure ces opérations, par le biais des ateliers industriels aéronautiques de Clermont-Ferrand (AIA-CF), pour la cellule, et de Bordeaux (AIA-BX) pour les moteurs.


Suite de l’article

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4 juillet 2014 5 04 /07 /juillet /2014 07:20
F-35 Weekly Update: 3rd July 2014

03.07.2014 by DefenceIQ

U.S. and British military officials are working on a joint directive to require mandatory inspections of engines on all Lockheed Martin Corp F-35 fighter jets, after an Air Force F-35A caught fire at a Florida air base last week, said sources familiar with the situation.


That incident was the latest to hit the Pentagon's costliest weapons program, the $398.6 billion (£232.2 billion) F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and came as the plane was preparing for its international debut at two air shows in Britain.

The incident involved the third stage of the F135 engine built by Pratt & Whitney, a unit of United Technologies Corp, for all three models of the new warplane, the sources said. "The engine ripped through the top of the plane," one said.

Details are still being finalised, but the inspections could take about 90 minutes, according to one of the sources, who was not authorized to speak publicly.

The incident will prevent a planned F-35 "fly by" at the July 4 naming ceremony of Britain's new aircraft carrier.

It has stalled the departure of the planes that were to participate in the UK shows, but the U.S. Marine Corps said it was still planning to send four jets across the Atlantic.

"We are on track to participate in the air shows," said Marine Corps Captain Richard Ulsh.

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) kicks off on July 11 followed by the Farnborough International Air Show starting on July 14.

Four Marine Corps F-35 B-model jets remain in southern Maryland waiting to leave for Britain. A fifth jet, owned by Britain, is still in Florida.

Strict UK liability laws mean British authorities need additional information before granting flight clearances. If something went wrong, the individual officer who approved the flight could be sued personally, the sources said.

Pratt & Whitney declined comment on any finding of the ongoing investigation into the fire at the Florida air base. Company spokesman Matthew Bates said the company was participating in the investigation.

One of the sources said the engine involved - and about six feet of debris found on the runway around the jet - were shipped to Pratt's West Palm Beach facility on Tuesday for a more detailed inspection.

Early indications pointed to a possible quality problem with one part of the engine, but that finding must still be further corroborated, said one of the sources. [Bloomberg]

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