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28 novembre 2017 2 28 /11 /novembre /2017 14:00
Credits Simthetiq

Credits Simthetiq


Montreal, November 27, 2017 PR Simthetiq


Simthetiq is pleased to announce that it will be presenting key elements of its comprehensive libraries of mission-ready 3D simulation models and terrains in Station IX, an immersive display system, at the I/ITSEC 2017 conference in Orlando.

Simthetiq is proud to partner with Station IX in order to showcase its high quality products and solutions in a compelling virtual environment designed to offer a true-to-life experience and which is ideally suited to the military simulation and training industries.

During the conference, attendees will have the opportunity of being transported into a virtual hangar to inspect a complex industrial vehicle before being dropped into the middle of a real-time JTAC environment rendered in Unity. With an extended field of view and true depth perception, Station IX is a visual system that allows Simthetiq to showcase tomorrow's simulation solutions in an immersive and collaborative environment.

“We look forward to presenting Simthetiq’s high quality visual content in Station IX at I/ITSEC as this will offer attendees a powerful visual experience that brings realism to a whole new level” said, Vincent Cloutier, CEO.


About Simthetiq

Founded in 2005, Simthetiq brings together a team of experienced professionals in the training and simulation fields to serve the civil aviation and defense markets. We provide one of the largest mission-ready simulation entity library to major corporations and governments around the world.

For more information about Simthetiq, visit www.simthetiq.com .


About Station IX

Station IX is a unique immersive environment that enables professionals working with high value 3D content to leverage the full potential of their data. Station IX is built to answer the requirements of multiple industries for simulation, training and visualization applications.

For more information about Station IX, visit www.stationix.com .

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31 mai 2017 3 31 /05 /mai /2017 11:20
Simthetiq Algeria VTE available in Openflight and correlated VBS 3 formats

Simthetiq Algeria VTE available in Openflight and correlated VBS 3 formats


Montreal, 31 May 2017 - Simthetiq


Meggitt Training Systems along with Simthetiq and TrianGraphics will showcase true joint simulation and training capabilities at CANSEC 2017. The powerful demonstration will connect virtual Armoured Fighting Vehicle, 81mm mortar and small arms trainers running in two different simulation platforms in the same correlated terrain environment.



Attendees at Canada’s annual Global Defence and Security Tradeshow will experience the benefits of interconnecting different training systems and technologies to unleash the full potential of collaborative training scenarios. Using a common 3D terrain of Algeria from Simthetiq as the collaborative environment, Meggitt’s Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) and Remote Weapon Station (RWS) trainers (running in an Openflight terrain) together with their flagship FATS 100MIL small arms trainer (using a correlated VBS3 output) will conduct tactical manoeuvres in a hostile training environment.


Simthetiq worked closely with TrianGraphics, using their VBS Exporter tool to generate a correlated VBS terrain that allows common, networked scenarios to be conducted across Meggitt’s different training systems.


Vincent Cloutier, Simthetiq CEO, stated: "The cross-platform flexibility we provide was key for Meggitt - who placed their trust in Simthetiq and TrianGraphics' expertise and innovative approach to terrain generation for their key simulation product demonstrations at CANSEC."


To see the collaborative demonstrations in action, visit Meggitt’s booth (#121) at CANSEC, held at the EY Centre in Ottawa from 31 May to 1 June 2017.




About Simthetiq

Simthetiq, a CADSI member, is a leading developer of 3D solutions for simulation, research and serious gaming. With over 2000 high-definition, plug and play 3D military and civilian vehicles, Simthetiq’s library facilitates rapid procurement of DIS/HLA compatible, standardized COTS products that enhance the training capability and value of any simulation and training tool.


For more information visit: www.simthetiq.com


About TrianGraphics

TrianGraphics is specialized in creative tools and services for terrain database generation. TrianGraphics' flagship product Trian3DBuilder is a database generation system with a comprehensive feature set and a modern user interface. Trian3DBuilder is meeting the most demanding visual and technical requirements for real-time simulation and has grown to become one of the most powerful and efficient solutions on the market.


For more information visit:



About the 3D terrain

The Algeria VTE product can help bring your simulation and training ever closer to reality. Companies interested in evaluating Trian3DBuilder or Simthetiq 3D terrains can contact sales@simthetiq.com to request an evaluation.


About Meggitt Training and Simulation

Meggitt’s networked simulation solutions provide for realistic synthetic training including state of the art visual effects and sounds. Training solutions that enable crews to train their tactics, techniques and procedures in a mounted or dismounted virtual domain.


Meggitt Training Systems leads the way in small arms marksmanship and judgmental simulation training, as well as armoured fighting vehicle trainers and simulators. Meggitt’s train-as-you-fight approach reflects a commitment to remaining true to fit, form and function in weapons simulation, helping ensure the preparedness and safety of the forces that protect us.


For more information visit: https://www.meggitttrainingsystems.com

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5 février 2014 3 05 /02 /février /2014 13:20
Simthetiq delivers high performance virtual terrain for Raydon gunnery trainer

MONTREAL, Canada (January, 2014) - Simthetiq


Simthetiq is pleased to announce the completion of a contract awarded from Raydon Inc. to develop a high fidelity, geo-specific 3D environment for use in Raydon’s mission critical gunnery training solutions.


The terrain was developed in Presagis TerraVista and delivered in Openflight format. For this project, Simthetiq created a custom texture atlasing toolset to optimize performance while ensuring a high pixel ratio display. The final synthetic environment displays high resolution ground multi-textures, dynamic shadows and volumetric trees using Speedtree middleware technology.


As Simthetiq CEO, Vincent Cloutier stated: “We collaborated with Raydon to find the best response to technical requirements whilst ensuring a high degree of realism in the final product.” He added: “We look forward to seeing this terrain in Raydon’s training system.”


About Simthetiq

Founded in 2005 to meet the needs of modern training and simulation applications, Simthetiq develops advanced 3D solutions for customers in defence, security, aerospace, research and gaming. With a vast library of high-resolution, cross-platform models and geo-specific environments, and a range of services fine-tuned to mission-critical operational demands, Simthetiq creates some of the most immersive simulation solutions available. Discover the various cost-effective 3D solutions offered at http://www.simthetiq.com

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