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CRAB photo RP Defense


11.06.2012 Panhard- army-guide.com


Panhard General Defence, leader in the area of light armoured vehicles - under 15 tons, will display the whole range of products, combat vehicles, liaison vehicles and support vehicles, as well as its range of remote-controlled weapon systems.


A couple of new items in the area of combat - the Sphinx and the CRAB - will renew the selections of land forces, as much in the area of employment doctrine as in the area of technology.


Le CRAB, an applicant to the Scorpion VBAE (Commitment support armoured vehicle) program, includes a couple of technologies mastered by Panhard: the survival cell and the integration of a remote-controlled weapon system; it enables to achieve a low-profile and light-weight CRAB, while providing an outstanding protection level for this weight category. It will be possible to airlift a troop of three vehicles in combat configuration in an A400M; and this vehicle has a significant firepower provided by its weapon system.


The SPHINX, an applicant to the Scorpion EBRC (Combat Reconnaissance Armoured Buggy) program, links a concept of highly-mobile armoured platform - thanks to a weight/power ratio higher than 30 hp/t - to a turret fitted with a Lockheed Martin CTA 40 gun. It will dramatically reduce costs thanks to a very attractive LCC (Life Cycle Cost).


The HORNET remote-controlled cupola, developed with Sagem according to an industrial scheme that had been used to develop the WASP, can be fit either with a 12.7-mm machine-gun or a 40-mm grenade-launcher. Its design enables to have a reduced overall height, and it is possible to set numerous optional assets onto a frame which is independent from the mount. The choice of Sagem optronics, and VA (Value Analysis) carried out on the main mechanisms have enabled to decrease the price that is much lower than current prices on the market.


Moreover, Panhard will also display the families of vehicles - coming from the VBL and PVP - that are already well established in the French Army, and also widely disseminated at export.


The two thousand and three hundred VBLs manufactured to date, used in operations under all latitudes have been offered in twenty-five different versions, for a wide array of missions: combat, security, recce, surveillance, and intervention missions, for national defence and homeland security. Panhard keeps selling the VBL in the new Mk2 version, re-engined with a140-hp power train. The VBL Mk2 has already been manufactured for Kuwait.


The PVP, the PVP HD or Gavial Plus, and the PVP XL cover the five-to-twelve-ton vehicles to offer an appropriate price and targeted achievements. With its (Stanag 4569) protection level 2 and a one-ton payload weighs 5.5 tons only. The PVP HD and its seven tons, competes with nine-ton armoured vehicles. The PVP XL (STANAG-level 4 for mine and ballistic protection, and a three-ton payload) competes with fourteen-ton vehicles whereas it only weighs twelve tons.

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SPHINX Panhard photo RP Defense

SPHINX Panhard photo RP Defense

Jun. 4, 2012 By PIERRE TRAN Defense News


PARIS — Panhard will display at Eurosatory a mock-up of its Sphinx armored vehicle with a new 40mm gun turret from Lockheed Martin UK, aimed at the French Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et Combat (EBRC) light tank program.


The turret was developed by Lockheed Martin UK for the upgrade of the British Army Warrior vehicle, integrating the Anglo-French CTAI 40mm gun.


The turret optronics are from Thales.


Panhard had mounted a turret from Belgian company CMI on a Sphinx vehicle at the last Eurosatory. The new turret is intended to cut costs by sharing a common product with the British Army.


“I think it would be a good choice for the Army General Staff because it would save around 30 percent of the EBRC program cost,” said Christian Mons, Panhard General Defense CEO. “What’s more, it’s an Anglo-French program.”


A common turret would save some 200 million to 250 million euros ($250.5 million to $313.1 million) of development money, offer cooperative support between the two countries’ militaries and halve the cost of life management and evolution of the product, Mons said.


The turret, weighing 4.5 tons, allows Panhard to meet a requirement for the 16-ton weight limit for the EBRC. That weight limit is intended to allow two EBRCs to be loaded onto an A400M transport aircraft and deliver high vehicle mobility.


The turret could be built under license in France if the Sphinx were picked for the EBRC. Under the Scorpion modernization program, 290 EBRC units are planned for the French Army.


Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) will display its VAB Ultima, a highly protected version of the troop carrier.




The French government ordered 290 Ultima units last year, and 32 will be deployed to Afghanistan this year, despite the drawdown of combat operations.


The Ultima has a steel plate in the floor, remote Kongsberg gun turret and the Slate anti-sniper gear.


Among the 36 RTD vehicles on show will be the VAB Mk3, an upgraded model aimed at export markets.


Panhard will also display its Crab, a high mobility, protected vehicle based on a renewal of the light cavalry doctrine, with a small armored vehicle taking an active combat role

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