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Australian Collins-class submarines, HMAS Dechaineux and HM


Dated Nov. 2012: released Dec. 12, 2012 Source: Australian Department of Defence


Study Into the Business of Sustaining Australia’s Strategic Collins Class Submarine Capability


Effective sustainment of the Collins Submarine fleet is vital to Australia’s national security.

Key recommendations in the ‘Study Into the Business of Sustaining Australia’s Strategic Collins Class Submarine Capability’ were designed to ensure commercial, operational, sustainment and management issues that hindered the Collins Class submarines through the 1990s, would be solved.
Collins Class Submarine, undergoing maintenance at the Henderson Dock Yard facility

The study provides an insight into past lessons learnt and solutions provided to ensure the Collins Class fleet of submarines are better sustained and more readily available to be deployed at sea when required.

A key point that was highlighted is that Defence has already implemented into its submarine sustainment and planning policies a number of the study’s recommendations, prior to the final review being released in December 2012.

The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance), ASC Pty Ltd and the Australian Government fully support the implementation of the recommendations.

The Study was a highly technical examination of commercial, operational, sustainment and management issues around Collins Class sustainment. In essence, the Study set out to answer the following questions:

-- What is wrong now with the Collins fleet sustainment performance?
-- What caused the current problems with sustainment performance?
-- Will improvement initiatives address these issues?
-- What are the recommendations to resolve the remaining issues?

To complete the work the study team reviewed over 2,500 documents and interviewed over 200 people across the Collins Class Sustainment Program.

Four major Australian companies that are currently contracted to support the Collins Class Submarines assisted in the study. The United States Navy was also engaged to provide an independent review of the key evaluation outputs.

The outcomes will also be included as part of the implementation of the Coles Review into Submarine Sustainment recommendations.


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