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4 janvier 2016 1 04 /01 /janvier /2016 07:35
Su-30MK2 of the VPAF (photo ttvnol)

Su-30MK2 of the VPAF (photo ttvnol)

31.12.2015 Defense Studies

Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KNAAPO) has delivered 2 more Su-30MK2 multi-role fighter for Vietnam Air Force. Interfax-AVN said on 30.12.2015.

A super-heavy transport aircraft An-124-100M Ruslan from Volga-Dnepr aviation company  (Russia) has shipped two new Su-30MK2, bearing number 8589 and 8590 to Vietnam on Tuesday 29/12.

All Su-30MK2 12 aircraft in a deal worth $ 600 million signed in 2013 were produced at the KNAAPO. Plan early handover is scheduled for completion before the end of 2015.

However, according to sources, to the present time, Vietnam has received 8 Su-30MK2 in the contract on. The remaining 4 units will be handed over in 2016.

Eight Su-30MK2 are handed over to Vietnam from bearing number 8583 to 8590. Of which 4 units delivered in 2014 and the next four delivered in 2015, more slowly than originally planned to handover.

Up to now, Vietnam has purchased 36 Russian Su-30MK2 fighters, and has received 32 units. Which is composed of 4 units in the first purchase contract in 2003, 8 the purchase in 2009, 12 in 2010 and the purchase of 12 more aircraft bought in 2013.


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11 juillet 2014 5 11 /07 /juillet /2014 12:35
Vietnam Buy More Bastion-P and Su-30MK2 ?

Bastion P missile complex of the Vietnamese Navy (photo : DatViet)


11.07.2014 Defense Studies

Russian news leads from defense industry source report from the Russian Defense Ministry said Vietnam intends to purchase additional missile battalion 3rd Bastion-P.

Russia News report led the defense industry source from the Russian Defense Ministry said that Vietnam intends to purchase additional missile battalion 3rd Bastion-P.

The source quoted a Russian representative to the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on military-technical cooperation is said: "In the current conditions and the contract is signed preparation, Vietnam has adequate short-term opportunity to become No. 1 partner of Russia cooperation in the field of technical cooperation - the military in Southeast Asia ".

According to the official, during the meeting, Vietnam and Russia had also discussed the possibility of buying more missile battalion coastal defense Bastion-P, as well as the multirole fighter Su-30MK2 and a number of air defense missile system.

This is an information gained special attention of many other countries. From the presence of Vietnamese Navy, Bastion-P complexes with anti-ship cruise missiles, supersonic Yakhont has quickly become the "shield of steel" of Vietnam.

Known as one of the weapons on shore marine world's most modern, combined arms Bastion-P missile missiles Yakhont supersonic anti-ship.

Design of Bastion-P allows it to float force to destroy enemy ships in all weather conditions, even in noisy environments enhanced electron.

Yakhont missile weighs about 3 tons, 8.9 m long, 0.7 m trunk diameter, 1.7 m wingspan. Shells are designed with large 4-door navigation in near the tail, the nose is in the air intakes for engine operation.

Yakhont jet engine supersonic static straight line speed allow more than 2 times the speed of sound. With such a large maximum velocity, very difficult opponents and react easily destroyed by explosive fragmentation warhead weighing 200-250kg.

According to international experts, Yakhont has the ability to destroy large warships with a single shot.

Navigation system, after leaving the Yakhont missile launchers will fly under the regime inertial navigation programmed. In the approach phase target, lead investor active radar (on missiles) will activate the search, detect targets at a distance of 75km.

In particular, at this stage missiles fly low altitude from sea clinging 5-15m. This factor is also enhanced survivability against missile air defense system on enemy warships.

Yakhont missile's range depends on flight mode: fly high orbit - low to allow the mixture to reach a range of 300 kilometers; low orbital flight - low gain range of 120km.

Yakhont missiles designed to integrate extensively on a variety of platforms (surface ships, submarines, aircraft, ground platform). Currently equipped with Yakhont mainly on coastal defense systems on land Bastion-P. A Bastion-P system can protect a coastline of 600km.

According to information from the Russian side, in 2011 Vietnam has received two battalions sea defense system in the Russian Bastion-P.

Armed with basic Bastion-P system includes: 4 self-propelled launcher vehicles carrying K340P (2 rounds each truck Yakhont missiles); vehicles carrying ammunition reserves; radar fire control Monolit-B; vehicle commander and logistics facilities, technical support.


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10 septembre 2013 2 10 /09 /septembre /2013 17:35
Industry: Final shipment of Su-30MK2 fighters delivered to Indonesia

10 September 2013 Pacific Sentinel


Rosoboronexport completes fulfillment of contract from 2011
An AN-124-100 "Ruslan" delivered the unassembled fighters together with 13 technicians who will assemble the aircraft, reports ITAR-TASS, citing the Indonesian newspaper "Jakarta Post". According to it, Major Mulyadi, a representative from the airbase, made the statement reporting the delivery of the planes.
Flight-testing of the Su-30MK2 will take place after assembly and before the Indonesian Air Force accepts delivery of the planes.
As a rule, aircraft assembly and testing take place over a week, the representative of the airbase noted.
Weapons will be purchased for the delivered planes under a separate contract.
The first two aircraft under the 2011 contract with the Indonesian Air Force were delivered back in February. A second pair of Su-30MK2 planes was delivered in May. After this delivery the contract will be considered completely fulfilled.
The fighters will form a part of the 11th Squadron of the Indonesian Air Force, which will have five single-seater Su-27SKM planes and 11 double-seater Su-30MK2 planes at its command.
Earlier it was reported that Rosoboronexport and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense signed a contract worth USD 470 million for the purchase of six Su-30MK2 multifunctional Russian fighters in December 2011. Between 2003 and 2010 Indonesia had already acquired five Su-27SK and five Su-30MK2 fighters.
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7 juin 2012 4 07 /06 /juin /2012 12:30
Russia delivers last Su-30s to Uganda


Jun. 7, 2012 by Vladimir Karnozov - FG


Moscow - Uganda has received its last of six Sukhoi Su-30MK2 two-seat multirole fighters, according to Russian media reports.


Russian arms export agency Rosoboronexport signed a preliminary agreement with Uganda in April 2010, but protracted negotiations meant that a deal worth a reported $740 million was only signed in May 2011.


A first batch of two Su-30s was delivered last July, with a second pair having followed in October.


The Su-30s join Uganda's active fleet of seven Mikoyan MiG-21s, as recorded in Flightglobal's MiliCAS database.

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25 avril 2012 3 25 /04 /avril /2012 07:30
Vietnam's Su-30MK2 Has a New Color Scheme

Sukhoi Su-30MK2 #8573 delivered in December 2011

(photo : ttvnol, image : mars.slupsk)



One of the Su-30MK2 aircraft  that had been delivered by Russia to the Vietnam Air Force has a new color scheme.  The color not blue-dark blue as before, but the Su-30MK2 with number 8573 has green-brown color.


Vietnam has received the Russian-made Su-27 and Su-30 aircrafts. Based on 1995 contracts Vietnam has ordered seven Su-27SK (6001, 6002, 6003, 6004, 6005, 6006, 6007), and based on 1997 contracts Vietnam has ordered five Su-27UBK (8521, 8523, 8525, 8526, 8527), the contract was fulfilled.
Russia also has fulfilled the contract for orders in 2003 of four Su-30MK2 (8531, 8532, 8533, 8534), also for the order of eight Su-30MK2 in 2009 (8535, 8536, 8537, 8538, 8539, 8540, 8541, 8542).
In 2010, Vietnam has ordered 12 Su-30MK2, four Su-30MK2 (8544, 8548, 8551, 8555) were delivered in June 2011 and four Su-30MK2 (8573, 8577, 858X, 858X) were delivered in december 2011.
Vietnam will receive another four Su-30MK2 in 2012, but one aircraft crash while testing in february 2012.
(Defense Studies)
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28 février 2012 2 28 /02 /février /2012 19:30



MOSCOW, February 28 (RIA Novosti)


The crew of a Su-30 fighter that crashed earlier on Tuesday in Russia’s Far East reported an engine fire before the crash, a spokesman for the Main Military Investigative Directorate said.


The Su-30MK2 fighter jet crashed 130 km northeast of Komsomolsk-na-Amure during a post-construction test flight. Both pilots ejected safely, although one of them was hurt on landing.


“While executing acceleration to a maximum speed, the first pilot reported a fire in the right engine,” the spokesman said. “The flight controller immediately ordered the crew to eject.”


“The investigators are taking all necessary steps to establish the cause of the crash,” the official said.


The aircraft belonged to the Komsomolsk-na-Amure factory where Su-30s are manufactured.


The Russian military earlier said that the plane had been built for export.


Su-family fighters constitute the bulk of Russia's arms exports.


Variants of Su-30 Flanker fighters are in service with air forces in several foreign countries, including India, Indonesia, China, Algeria, Vietnam and Venezuela.

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12 janvier 2012 4 12 /01 /janvier /2012 08:50
La Russie vend 6 chasseurs à l’Indonésie pour 500 millions de dollars

11 janvier 2012 par Edouard Maire / info-aviation

En décembre 2011, la Russie a conclu avec l’Indonésie un contrat portant sur la livraison de six chasseurs Su-30MK2. Un pied de nez aux américains qui sont liés par l’embargo sur les ventes d’armes imposé à Jakarta.

« Ce contrat de 500 millions de dollars est important, parce qu’il renforce la position de la Russie sur le marché indonésien des armements tant convoité par les Américains qui proposent leurs anciens chasseurs F-16 aux Indonésiens », a déclaré le 10 janvier à Moscou le directeur du Centre d’analyse des stratégies et technologies Rouslan Poukhov.

Le contrat jette en outre les bases de la coopération russo-indonésienne dans la construction d’avions civils, notamment de l’avion MS-21, a ajouté M.Poukhov. En 2012, la Russie doit commencer la livraison de nouveaux moyens-courriers Sukhoi SuperJet-100 à l’Indonésie.

La Russie avait déjà signé un contrat de vente de trois avions de combat Su-30MK2 et de Su-27SKM en 2007. En 2003, la Russie a également signé un contrat de vente de deux avions Su-27SKM et deux avions de combat SU-30MK.

Le Ministre de la Défense de l’Indonésie Purnomo Yusgiantoro avait déclaré en octobre 2010 que son pays avait besoin d’un escadron complet d’avions de combat composé de 16 avions de type Sukhoï, ainsi que de Su-30MK2 pour sa Marine.

Depuis l’embargo des États-Unis sur l’achat d’armes à l’Indonésie en sanction contre les violations des droits de l’Homme (Timor oriental), l’Indonésie se tourne vers la Russie et la Chine pour se procurer des avions de combat et d’entraînement. Au total, la Russie a déjà fourni dix chasseurs Sukhoi, dix hélicoptères Mi-35, 14 hélicoptères Mi-17, 17 blindés de transport de troupes TMP-3F, 48 blindés BTR-80A et 9.000 fusils d’assaut Kalachnikov AK-102 à l’Indonésie. Quant à la Chine, elle a proposé d’exporter ses avions de combat légers FTC-2000 à Jakarta.

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10 janvier 2012 2 10 /01 /janvier /2012 18:30
Armement: Moscou renforce sa position sur le marché indonésien

MOSCOU, 10 janvier - RIA Novosti

Le contrat conclu avec Jakarta en décembre 2011 sur la livraison de six chasseurs russes Su-30MK2 renforce la position de la Russie sur le marché indonésien des armements, a déclaré mardi à Moscou le directeur du Centre d'analyse des stratégies et technologies Rouslan Poukhov.

"Ce contrat (de 500 millions de dollars-ndlr.) est important, parce qu'il renforce la position de la Russie sur le marché indonésien des armements tant convoité par les Américains qui proposent leurs anciens chasseurs F-16 aux Indonésiens", a noté l'expert.

Le contrat jette en outre les bases de la coopération russo-indonésienne dans la construction d'avions civils, notamment de l'avion MS-21, a ajouté M.Poukhov.

En 2012, la Russie doit commencer la livraison de nouveaux moyens-courriers Sukhoi SuperJet-100 à l'Indonésie.

Au total, la Russie a déjà fourni dix chasseurs Sukhoi, dix hélicoptères Mi-35, 14 hélicoptères Mi-17, 17 blindés de transport de troupes TMP-3F, 48 blindés BTR-80A et 9.000 fusils d'assaut Kalachnikov AK-102 à l'Indonésie.

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2 janvier 2012 1 02 /01 /janvier /2012 13:05


Su-30 of the Vietnam People Air Force (photo : Jetphotos)




Interfax-AVN - Russia successfully carried out a contract to supply Vietnam 12 multifunctional fighters Su-30MK2.

"In accordance with the timetable agreed with the customer next four Su-30MK2 posted on Friday from Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Vietnam," - said a source in the military-industrial complex.


He recalled that the delivery of the first four aircraft were delivered in June this year.



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5 juillet 2011 2 05 /07 /juillet /2011 20:15



05/07/11 By Vladimir Karnozov SOURCE:Flight International


Russia expects to sell military equipment worth $11 billion in 2011, with aviation activities likely to account for up to 50% of this total.


Sergei Kornev, head of the Rosoboronexport delegation at last month's Paris air show, said deliveries of Russian-made combat aircraft and air-launched weapons are continuing to Algeria, India and Vietnam.


Algerian pilots are in Russia being trained on the Yakovlev Yak-130 advanced jet trainer (below), with the aircraft likely to be delivered in 2011-12, while Vietnam has recently received four of its 20 new Sukhoi Su-30MK2s.


China has recently ordered 154 more AL-31F engines for its Su-27/30-series fighters, and is in negotiations to buy more to power its Chengdu J-20s.


Despite the RSK MiG-35's elimination from India's medium multi-role combat aircraft competition, Kornev said Rosoboronexport will continue to offer the type for around $10 million less than the larger Su-30MK. "The Sukhoi is a huge airframe and not every country needs this," he said. "Many would rather go for a smaller platform with lower cost."


Away from the combat aircraft sector, a delayed contract to supply Jordan with two stretched-fuselage Ilyushin Il-76MF transports should be fulfilled this year. Both airframes have been completed and are at the Ramenskoye aerodrome in Zhukovsky near Moscow. One has already finished factory- and customer-acceptance trials, and both should be delivered later this year.


Deliveries to the Chinese navy of Kamov Ka-31 radar pickets and additional Ka-28 anti-submarine warfare helicopters have been completed, while Russia and the USA are close to finalising a $350 million order to buy 21 Mil Mi-17 transports for Afghanistan. Deliveries of the Kazan-built aircraft should start next year.

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