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7 juin 2024 5 07 /06 /juin /2024 17:43
photo Thales

photo Thales

07/06/2024 Thales Group

Sous l’égide du ministère des Armées français, le ministère de la Défense ukrainien a signé un contrat pour la fourniture d’un second système complet de défense aérienne Thales pour protéger l’Ukraine.

Ce système de défense aérienne comporte un ControlMaster 200 (CM 200) incluant un radar Ground Master 200 de surveillance aérienne, un système de communications radio, un centre de commandement et de contrôle (C2) ControlView, ainsi qu’un terminal portable d’allocation d’armes.

Thales est l’industriel européen de référence pour l’intégration de systèmes de systèmes. Ses technologies de défense aérienne protègent de tous les types de menaces sur la totalité de l’espace aérien. Elles couvrent toute la chaîne de décision, de la détection, à l’identification jusqu’à la neutralisation.

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15 mars 2014 6 15 /03 /mars /2014 22:25
Brazilian Army To Receive New Air Defence Missile System To Protect FIFA World Cup, 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro


March 9, 2014. David Pugliese - Defence Watch


News release from Saab:


Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract on deliveries of the RBS 70 VSHORAD (very short range air defence system) to the Brazilian Army. The order has a value of approximately MSEK 80 and comprises deliveries of man-portable launchers, missiles and associated equipment.


First deliveries of materiel are scheduled during 2014.


The deal comprises an undisclosed number of RBS 70 man-portable launchers, Mk II type missiles, simulators, night vision equipment, a test set, maintenance tools, spares, associated equipment, and training for the weapon’s operators and maintainers. The systems are among others intended to protectBrazil’s strategic infrastructure, and would be employed in protection of major incoming events, including the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics inRio de Janeiro.


“This is very positive and it further proves the capability of the RBS 70 system which, by this contract, has been acquired by 19 countries located on all five continents. The system´s unique capabilities, reliability and very low life-cycle cost are highly appreciated by all users in different exacting environments,” says Görgen Johansson, Head of Saabs Business Area Dynamics.


The Saab portfolio of short-range ground based air defence missile systems comprise of the RBS 70 and the further enhanced RBS 70 NG. With the RBS 70 family, Saab offers state-of-the art systems for demanding customers investing in the future. The RBS 70 system has an impressive track-record on the market. 19 countries have procured more than 1,600 RBS 70 systems, including more than 17,000 missiles.


The new RBS 70 NG is designed to build on this success enhancing the VSHORAD capability even further. An accurate, unjammable laser-guided missile system, the RBS 70 and RBS 70 NG is unaffected by countermeasures, heat sources and clutter. The RBS 70 NG sight can be applied in a multitude of system configurations ranging from MANPADS (Man-portable air defence system) to remotely controlled and vehicle as well as ship integrated Air Defence systems. The sight is designed to be used with all existing and future generations of the RBS 70 missile family.


The various system configurations makes RBS 70 and RBS 70 NG highly suitable for static ground based air defence of important infrastructure, protection of mobile units or for event protection.

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