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5 novembre 2015 4 05 /11 /novembre /2015 08:45
UK and Zambia sign defence cooperation MoU


02 November 2015 by British High Commission


The UK and Zambia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding about the provision of UK military training and support to the Zambian Armed Forces.


The Acting British High Commissioner, Sean Melbourne, and Ms Rose Salukatula, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, signed the MoU in Lusaka on 28 October, the British High Commission in Lusaka reports.


“I am delighted to sign this MOU today on behalf of the UK Government. This will help underpin our bilateral defence relationship and enhance cooperation in several areas,” Melbourne said. “In particular, the UK Government will support Zambia’s valuable peacekeeping efforts in the Central African Republic ahead of the deployment of the second Zambian battalion next year”.


The acting High Commissioner also thanked the Zambian government for accrediting Colonel Ian Mills as the United Kingdom’s Defence Attaché to Zambia at a ceremony presided over by the Deputy Minister of Defence Christopher Mulenga in Lusaka on 6 October 2015.

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4 avril 2014 5 04 /04 /avril /2014 11:45
African Partnership Flight Angola 2014 concludes

Capt. Danielle Butler briefs students on natural disasters March 24, 2014, in Angola, Africa. The intention of APF is to strengthen the regional partnerships within Africa by improving the proficiency and readiness of key mission areas through a collaborative learning environment. Butler is a U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air forces Africa surgeon general specialist. (U.S. Air Force photo/Capt. Sybil Taunton)


03 April 2014 by Africom - defenceWeb


African Partnership Flight Angola 2014 came to a close on March 28 after a full week of events involving airmen from the Angolan, U.S. and Zambian air forces.


U.S. participants included Airmen from U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa, as well as the 818th Mobility Support Advisory Squadron aligned under Air Mobility Command.


"We chose to partner with Angola and Zambia for this African Partnership Flight to bring Southern African Development Committee nations together, and to build strong ties between our air forces," said Lt. Col. Pete Larsen, APF mission commander.


About 200 participants divided into three groups to discuss topics on disaster relief operations, mission planning, and equipment preparation for airlift.


"I thought the discussions that took place this week were very beneficial. I was with a group who had real experience," said Zambian Flight Sgt. Guevara Nohlovu. "Me and my Zambian counterparts learned a great deal."


The Airmen included in the mission planning discussion covered joint doctrine, maintenance, contingency response, multi-national operations and airspace planning.


"It gave us an opportunity to look through doctrine, the differences in how we operate, and the challenges that come along with that," said Larsen.


Using a 37th Airlift Wing C-130J Super Hercules as a learning tool, participants in the equipment preparation for airlift group had interactive discussions on aircraft weight and balance, preparation of cargo for airlift, material handling equipment and ground safety.


"We had great discussions and found a lot of similarities, particularly with the Zambians because their cargo loading processes are very similar to ours. They have dedicated cargo specialists like we do in the U.S.," said Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Leonard, APF lead planner. "The Angolans were very open, but had very different processes than us so we learned a lot through the discussions."


According to Zambian air force Lt. Joe Kamalata, the disaster relief discussions focused on topics including public and mental health considerations, public relations and crisis communication, and contingency response planning.


"Our nations face the same kinds of disasters- for example, floods and droughts," said Kamalata. African Partnership Flight helps us understand how each air force responds and allows us to work together to prepare for future disasters."

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25 juin 2013 2 25 /06 /juin /2013 17:45
SANDF hosts first SADC surveillance commanders’ course

25 June 2013 by defenceWeb/SA Soldier


In a first for the South African Defence Intelligence College (SADIC) officers from nine Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries have successfully completed a surveillance commanders’ course.


The eight week long course is designed to give the 17 junior officers attending the practical skills needed to become capable surveillance commanders at sub-unit level.


Working at squadron level course attendees went through battlefield surveillance followed by a command and control module before tackling the final modules of warfare and battlefield procedures.


This, SA Soldier said, equips them to apply and execute responsible drills as troop commanders.


Proof of the willingness of those on course wanting to learn came with a student average of 81% across all modules.


Zambian Major Edgar Musanse, course chairman, said on completion of the course that the training was the first of its kind to be presented for the SADC brigade.


“The officers before you have successfully acquired the knowledge to see the brigade effectively implement its role in the SADC region,” he told a certificate ceremony.


SA National Defence Force (SANDF) director: special acquisitions Brigadier General Raymond Moroane, urged course attendees to maintain contact saying it was “a crucial part” of strengthening bilateral ties and diplomatic co-operation among SADC members.


Apart from the host country, South Africa, other SADC member states represented at the first surveillance commanders’ course were Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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20 avril 2013 6 20 /04 /avril /2013 22:48
Signature d'un accord de coopération militaire entre l'Angola et la Zambie


20/04/13 portalangop.co.ao


Luanda – Les gouvernements de la République d’Angola et de la Zambie ont signé vendredi, à Luanda, un accord de coopération bilatérale sur la defense et la sécurité.


Ce protocole qui renforce les relations d’amitié entre les deux Etats a été signé par le ministre angolais de la Défense,  Cândido Pereira Van-dúnem et de la Zambie, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.


Dans une déclaration à la presse, le gouvernant angolais a indiqué que le document était un instrument qui orientera la coopération dans le domaine de la defense et ne définit pas les secteurs spécifiques.


"C’est accord de coopération est un signe important qui montre que les relations bilatérales dans le domaine militaire sont stables “, a-t-il dit, avant de souligner qu'au niveau de la frontière, la situation était stable et que la délimitation était l’unique préoccupation.


De son côté, le ministre zambien de la Défense a fait remarquer qu'avec la signature de l’accord de coopération, il serait possible de partager plus d’informations au niveau de la defense et la sécurité.


La visite de trois jours du ministre zambien de la défense s’est inscrite dans le cadre des relations bilatérales dans le domaine militaire.

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17 avril 2013 3 17 /04 /avril /2013 19:45
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9 mars 2012 5 09 /03 /mars /2012 08:30
Approbation des rapports d'experts du Comité de Défense Angola/Zambie


08/03/12 Angola Press


Lusaka - Les rapports des commissions de défense, sécurité d’Etat et publique du Comité permanent Angola/Zambie ont été approuvés mercredi, à Lusaka, la capitale de la Zambie, au cours de la session plénière des experts, à l'issue de la réunion préparatoire des ministres.    


Ces documents seront soumis à l'examen et l'approbation lors de la 27e réunion des ministres du Comité permanent de défense et sécurité entre l'Angola et la Zambie, qui se tiendra ce jeudi, dans la capitale zambienne.


Les documents reflètent des questions d’intérêt bilatéral dans les domaines de la défense, sécurité de l'État et publique des deux pays, qui partagent une frontière terrestre commune.     


La séance plénière de clôture des travaux des experts a été conduite par la présidente du Comité permanent de la défense zambienne, Emelda Chola, assistée par le vice-ministre angolais de la Défense Nationale, l'amiral Gaspar Santos Rufino, co-président du comité.    


La délégation angolaise d'experts est composée du vice-ministre de l'Intérieur, Ângelo Veigas Tavares, de l'ambassadeur angolais en Zambie, Balbina Silva, du second commandant de la Police nationale chargé de l'ordre public, le commissaire en chef Paulo de Almeida, du chef d'etat-major de la force terrestre, le générales Lúcio do Amaral, et du directeur national des services de sécurité extérieure, Elisio Neto, entre autres responsables.     


Le ministre angolais de la Défense nationale, Candido Pereira Van-Dúnem, est arrivé mercredi, à Lusaka, pour participer à la réunion ministérielle.

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