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Prototype of vertical UAV (photo : TAF)



Royal Thai Navy, Defence Institute of Technology public organization (DTI) in cooperation with Kasama helicopter Ltd signed a joint research and development of vertical unmanned aircraft (UAV) in the current prototype design, the first prototype near completed and ready to flight test within two months.

Prototype of the unmanned aircraft will feature the no tail (Tailless) The body has two blades to help balance and stabilize the aircraft in flight. Designed in this manner will reduce the chances of the tail may be associated with the vessel so that the aircraft can operate in a limited area such as the stern. The design also made the aircraft capable of traveling both series as well.

In creating it, the body is formed with carbon fiber. Initially, the jet engine to drive, before upgraded to a 150 cc gasoline engine to reduce fuel consumption and operating the aircraft for a period of up in the air.

The project will take 2 years to develop and produce a plan, the Navy enlist for at least 10 aircraft.


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