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17 juillet 2015 5 17 /07 /juillet /2015 16:45
Saab promotes tactical advantages of ‘Soft kill’ technology in combat


17 July 2015 by defenceWeb


Success in modern combat is less about adding more armour and weight, and more about moving towards the increased self-protection afforded by automated integrated survivability solutions, according to Saab Grintek Defence, which spoke about soft kill technology at the recent Land Forces Africa conference.


These solutions allow for regaining the initiative through quick action and agility that minimise chances of loss and maximise chances of successful counter actions, or allow disengagement from the immediate threat situation, according to Saab Grintek Defence.


This trend moves away from adding conventional armour that tries to absorb impact, a historical trend that has been superseded by evolutions in modern threat management.


One such solution offered by Saab Grintek Defence is the Land Electronic Defence System (LEDS), consisting of an array of threat detectors that provides hemispherical threat warning against all known laser based threats. LEDS-50 provides the ideal solution for combat forces as it can deploy an array of effectors, including multispectral smoke screening, in less than 1.2 seconds after it has detected a laser threat. It is an affordable retrofit or can be included in design specifications for new equipment, according to Saab.


Furthermore, it provides visual and audio warnings, classifies the threat, as well as moving the turret and or remote weapon station (RWS) of the combat vehicle in the direction of the threat.


“The system offers up to 99 percent interruption probability against laser beamrider anti-tank threats, for example the AT-14 Kornet, and reduces the hit probability of the missile by up to 80 percent,” explained Ferreira, Product Manager, Land Self-Protection Systems, Saab Grintek Defence. “Firing this kind of ‘soft kill’ multi-spectral smoke gives users the valuable time they need to regain the initiative and effectively respond against the threat by combining tactics and effectors without being seen visually or thermally by the attacker.”


When integrated to a vehicle’s Battle Management System (BMS), the LEDS-50 analyses the enemy’s attack cycle, alerts occupants that they have been targeted, and then deploys the smoke screen or other appropriate effectors that prevents the enemy from effectively engaging the vehicle. It is also able to identify the direction of the threat, and classify it, inputting enemy information about encounters into a common situational awareness picture, adding a tactical benefit to its basic laser warning capability.


LEDS meets the requirements for the full spectrum of land and amphibious operations regardless of global theatre, and is fully NATO compliant, Saab pointed out.


When combining battle management information with GPS data, a real time picture emerges of threat presence relative to own forces, making it quicker and simpler to devise a defensive response.


“Asymmetric opponents, for example ISIS, makes use of commercial equipment like golfing or hunting lasers to boost the accuracy of their weapons,” Ferreira says. “This enhances their first round kill probability against targets that do not have laser warning and effective fast counter measures.


“At present, more than 70 percent of anti-armour threats are laser related, and this type of threat is becoming more prevalent in asymmetric warfare as was seen recently by the deployment of AT-14 Kornet and TOW anti-tank missile systems by ISIS in Iraq.”

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22 mai 2015 5 22 /05 /mai /2015 07:45
AEEI acquires 25% of Saab Grintek Defence


20 May 2015 by defenceWeb


African Equity Empowerment Investments Limited (former Sekunjalo Investment Ltd) has acquired 25% of Saab Grintek Defence for R120 million, and will dispose of its 5% shareholding in parent company Saab South Africa for R20 million.


AEEI Newco, set up specifically for the transaction and 60% owned by AEEI, will acquire the stake in Saab Grintek Defence (SGD). It will retain at least 51% black ownership status as long as it is a shareholder in SGD.


The effective date of the acquisition will be no later than 26 June this year, according to a Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) notice.


“We are proud to have AEEI as a strategic partner and we see this agreement as further strengthening our commitment to the industrial growth and prosperity of South Africa at the same time supporting our endeavours to supply security solutions in Africa,” said Leif Karlsson, Acting CEO of Saab Grintek Defence.


CEO of AEEI, Khalid Abdulla said, “It has always been part of the company’s growth strategy to become an empowerment partner of choice to multinationals due to our credibility, expertise and credentials built up over the years. We are exceptionally proud to have increased our stake within the Saab Group through SGD.


“This additional acquisition is an important breakthrough for both AEEI and Saab for its growth plans within South Africa, Africa and abroad by adding value, creating jobs, alleviating poverty and finding solutions in the global market.”


“We are confident that our investment in Saab will open many more doors for opportunities across the continent, the globe and especially BRICS, with the prospect of further exploring AEEI and Saab’s capabilities in the technology sectors and in new markets,” said Abdulla.


Saab Grintek Defence specialises in areas that include electronic warfare systems, sensor technology, command and control, training systems, avionics, security and support solutions. As the export market represents almost 75% of the South African company’s total turnover, Saab Grintek Defence was awarded the Best Exporter Award by the SA Premier Business Awards in 2013 and 2014.


One of SGD’s main sources of turnover is the Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS), which has done well in India, where it is being fitted onto the Air Force and Army’s Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters. SGD also developed and are producing the LEDS self-protection system for land vehicles.


SGD in March announced R940 million in follow-on orders from India for Integrated Defensive Aids Suites (IDAS) for the Indian Army and Air Force’s Dhruv helicopters. Deliveries will take place between 2015 and 2018. The most recent orders are by far the largest from HAL, the helicopter’s manufacturer, as the company speeds up production.


SGD is tasked with producing some of the microwave components for the antennas and electronic warfare components of the Gripen fighter jet for the international market and is currently assembling these parts for the current generation Gripen at its facilities in Centurion outside Pretoria. As one of Saab’s microwave production houses, this provides a lot of business for Saab Grintek Defence and accounts for around 8% of sales.


The company today has turnover in excess of a billion rand a year and employs 700-800 people. 80-90% of this revenue is from foreign orders.

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21 septembre 2014 7 21 /09 /septembre /2014 16:45
Saab Wins LEDS-50 MK2 Launch Order


Sep 17, 2014 ASDNews Source : Saab AB


Saab has been awarded a contract for their latest advanced Softkill solution, the LEDS-50 MK2. The contract amounts to the value of MSEK 48 (R74 million). The contract is from an undisclosed customer.

The LEDS-50 MK2 provides additional protection to the vehicle and crew by detecting the presence of latest generation laser threats and automatically deploying countermeasures to avoid the vehicle being hit by the threat.


Read more

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24 mars 2014 1 24 /03 /mars /2014 17:45
Saab Grintek Defence wins Exporter Award for second year in a row

The Saab office complex in Centurion


24 March 2014 by defenceWeb


Local company Saab Grintek Defence (SGD) has been given the Exporter Award for the second year running at the annual South Africa Premier Business Awards.


The SA Premier Business Awards celebrates business excellence in South Africa and is organised by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), in partnership with Proudly South Africa and Brand South Africa.


The Exporter Award aims to recognise all export industry sectors and encourages other South African companies to participate in international business development and markets, SGD said. The Award further aims to recognise South African enterprises which invest in both human and technical resources in various projects or activities, produce quality products and services and remain domestically and internationally competitive.


Saab Grintek Defence was awarded the same award in 2013, the year the company celebrated a record year in terms of exports and subsequent revenue income for South Africa. The company has continued on its growth, celebrating various successes on the international and local front – making it a deserving winner of the distinguished Exporter Award, SGD said.


Magnus Lewis-Olsson, CEO of Saab Grintek Defence, Molly Mogotsi of Export and Shipping, Evelyn Motsatsing of Business Support and Chris Skinner, Head of Marketing and Sales received the award.


“We are very proud of this award as it shows the valuable contribution SGD continues to make to South Africa’s revenue. We continuously strive to market, sell and develop new products – this Award serves as renewed inspiration to continue on our successful path,” said Lewis-Olsson.


Roughly 95 percent of systems manufactured at Saab’s headquarters in Centurion, South Africa, are sold to export markets, making it a valuable source of income for South Africa. These include Electronic Warfare Self Protection Suites, Maritime ESM Systems, Civilian Aircraft Missile Protection Systems, Communications Management Systems, In-flight Data Recording Systems, Health and Usage Monitoring Systems.

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