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22 mars 2015 7 22 /03 /mars /2015 08:40
Mi-28NM helicopter

Mi-28NM helicopter


March 19, 2015 asian-defence.net


It could take Russia about three years to complete the development of a fifth-generation attack helicopter and start testing its prototype, a defense industry official said Wednesday. The Mi-28NM, a modernized version of the Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter that is being upgraded to standards of a fifth-generation aircraft, has been in development since 2008. “I think we will need no more than three years to develop a new modernized version of the Mi-28N helicopter,” said Andrei Shibitov, chief executive officer of the Russian Helicopters company.


Shibitov did not specify the characteristics of the future combat helicopter, but he was quoted earlier by the Russian media as saying that the criteria for a fifth-generation attack helicopter must include low radar signature, an extended flying range, an advanced weapons control system, the capability to combat fighter jets and have a speed of up to 600 kilometers (370 miles) per hour.

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30 septembre 2014 2 30 /09 /septembre /2014 11:35
Mi-17V-5 photo  Russian Helicopters

Mi-17V-5 photo Russian Helicopters


MOSCOU, 29 septembre - RIA Novosti


L'armée thaïlandaise a signé un contrat sur l'achat d'un deuxième lot d'hélicoptères russes pour 40 millions de dollars, a annoncé lundi à Moscou un porte-parole du Centre russe d'analyse de commerce mondial d'armes (TsAMTO).


"Les discussions sur le nouveau contrat ont commencé en octobre dernier. La cérémonie de signature du contrat portant sur l'achat de deux hélicoptères Mi-17V-5 s'est tenue à Moscou", a indiqué le porte-parole.


L'Agence russe d'exportation d'armements (Rosoboronexport) n'a pas commencé cette information.


La Thaïlande a acheté trois hélicoptères russes Mi-17V-5 en février 2011.


Le gouvernement du pays a approuvé en octobre 2013 l'achat de huit hélicoptères polyvalents supplémentaires pour l'armée thaïlandaise dont deux Mi-17V-5 russes pour 39,9 millions de dollars et six UH-72A Lakota d'Eurocopter North America pour 55,4 millions de dollars.

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9 août 2014 6 09 /08 /août /2014 16:40
Rostec Corporation holding companies recognized as leaders of the defense industry


August 08, 2014 by Rostec


The list of top 100 defense manufacturers as compiled by the American periodical Defense News included Russian Helicopters, United Engine Corporation, and KRET


Several subsidiaries of Rostec Corporation were included in the prestigious rating of the world’s top defense companies published by the American weekly Defense News.

The holding company Russian Helicopters took 25th place, the United Engine Corporation came in 34th place, and KRET ranked in the list for the first time in the list in 52nd place.

The rankings depend not only on brand awareness, quality, reliability, and popularity of the company, but also a detailed investigation into financial performance and growth dynamics over the past few years in regard to weapons production.

For example, in 2013, the United Engine Corporation made $4.8 billion in revenue. KRET made $2.4 billion, while Russian Helicopters made $4.2 billion.

A total of eight Russian companies were included in the rankings, including Concern Almaz-Antei (12th place), Sukhoi (46th place), Irkut (56th place), MiG (71st place), and RTI (78th place). Defense News has compiled the ranking of top 100 companies since 1991.

Rostec Corporation was founded in Russia in 2007 to promote the development, production, and export of high-tech industrial products for civilian and military purposes. Rostec has 663 subsidiaries organized into 9 defense industry holding companies and 5 civil industry holding companies. Rostec Corporation enterprises are located in 60 regions of the Russian Federation and deliver products to markets in more than 70 countries. In 2013, Rostec revenue amounted to RUB 1.04 trillion, with a net profit of RUB 40 billion.

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15 avril 2014 2 15 /04 /avril /2014 11:35
Mi-35M military transport helicopter

Mi-35M military transport helicopter


14 April 2014 by Rostec


Holding showcase commercial and military models

Russian Helicopters, part of State Corporation Rostec, showcase a range of commercial and military helicopters at the 14th Defence Services Asia exhibition and conference, which runs from 14-17 April in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Russian Helicopters sees the Asia-Pacific region as a key market and one with huge potential. Today more than 1,400 Russian-built helicopters operate in the region, including multirole models such as the Mi-8/17 series and Ka-32, as well as Mi-26T heavy transport helicopters and military helicopters.

The multirole Ka-32A11BC is one of the latest models that Russian Helicopters produces for the region. It is a unique Russian helicopter, which is used in more than 30 countries for fire-fighting, search and rescue operations and challenging construction work. Its coaxial design enables the helicopter to carry out difficult manoeuvres and achieve a high level of stability when hovering.

Russian Helicopters will showcase promising new models such as the Mi-171A2 and Ka-62 to helicopter operators and government officials. The Mi-171A2 has been developed based on the world-famous Mi-8/17 series and drawing on the rich operating experience of these helicopters around the world. It features modern technologies and solutions, and has been designed to meet the wishes of potential clients and operators. Another new model, the new medium commercial Ka-62, was created as a broad international collaboration project.

Russian Helicopters will also showcase military-transport models of the Mi-8/17 series (the Mi-17V-5 and Mi-171Sh), as well as the Mi-35M, created using new technologies and based on the legendary Mi-24 gunship. These helicopters are used worldwide and are renowned for their reliability, proficiency and robustness.

DSA takes place every two years in partnership with the Malaysian Defence Ministry and Malaysian Police, and attracts the attention of leading producers and customers of armaments and military equipment from around the world. DSA 2014 will cover areas including weaponry for ground-based troops, air defence, radio-electronic warfare and communications, aviation equipment, coastal defence, armoured vehicles and artillery systems, small arms and Special.

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25 mars 2014 2 25 /03 /mars /2014 17:40
Mi-35M military transport helicopter

Mi-35M military transport helicopter


25.03.2014 by Rostec


The company will present multirole Mi-35M military transport helicopter


Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostec, will showcase new models including the Mi-171A2 and Ka-32A11BC at the 18th International Air and Space Fair (FIDAE 2014) on 25-30 March in the Chilean capital Santiago. The company’s display can be found at stand D70. In collaboration with Rosoboronexport, Russian Helicopters will also present the multirole Mi-35M military transport helicopter.


“Latin America is a strategically important market for Rostec, and for Russian Helicopters in particular,” said Sergei Goreslavsky, head of Rostec’s department for international cooperation. “Today over 400 Soviet- and Russian-built helicopters operate in the region, and there are also service centres providing after-sales care for our machines. Many countries have a long tradition of purchasing Russian products. We are interested in promoting not only military helicopters but also Russian Helicopters’ commercial offering – in recent years we have achieved significant success on this front.”

Latin America is a high-growth market where Russian Helicopters has for many years sold a wide range of commercial and military helicopters. The new Mi-171A2 has been developed based on the world-famous Mi-8/17 series and drawing on its extensive operational history in various regions and climates. The helicopter makes use of the latest technologies and solutions, and also factors in feedback from potential clients and operators of Mi-8/17 series helicopters. The Mi-171A2 will be fitted with the latest power plant, a new rotor system and modern “glass cockpit” avionics suite.

The coaxial Ka-32A11BC is already well known to helicopter operators in the region. The helicopter received EASA certification in 2009, and meets FAR29 and AP-29 standards. The Ka-32A11BC can fly a range of missions and is a particularly valuable tool for fire-fighting, with more than 40 different options for fire-fighting equipment. In early 2013 the helicopter was chosen as the symbol of the Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative (GHFI), and later that year in summer was actively deployed in Borneo to combat some of the worst wildfires in Indonesia’s history.

Russian Helicopters will also hold meetings with operators regarding the status of the Ka-62 programme and opportunities for deployment of the new helicopter, which has been created with extensive international collaboration. The helicopter is fitted with modern Ardiden 3G engines by Turbomeca, which meat the highest environmental and fuel-efficiency standards.

In its more than 35-year history, FIDAE has developed a reputation as the most important aerospace and defence exhibition in South America. Every year it brings together leading companies from commercial aviation, the defence sector and aircraft service industries, aerospace developers and the space industry.


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