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12 janvier 2015 1 12 /01 /janvier /2015 12:45
Tanzania flying Seeker observation aircraft


12 January 2015 by defenceWeb


Images have emerged confirming the Tanzania People’s Defence Force Air Wing as an operator of the Seabird Seeker light surveillance aircraft.


An article in Aero Australia magazine noted that by 2009, “Seekers had flown some 11 000 hours including 5 000 on surveillance and patrol duty, and were operating in Australia, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Iraq, South Africa, Tanzania, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.”


However, it was not clear how many aircraft were flying in Tanzania and it was only after a music video appeared last year that a Tanzanian Seeker was seen for the first time, in the music video entitled Jeshi La Wananchi Tanzania by Jay Moe, Juma Nature and Professor Jay.


The video shows SB7L-360 Seeker JW-9704, which, according to IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly, could indicate that four aircraft have been delivered. Wescam’s MX-10 video/infrared sensor turret has been demonstrated on the Seeker and appears to be fitted to the Tanzanian example.


The Seeker is produced by Seabird Aviation in Australia and Seabird Aviation Jordan.


In 2006 a Jordanian example was supplied to South Africa (JY-SE1). In September 2004 the Paramount Group ordered five Seeker SB7L-360 surveillance aircraft from Seabird Aviation Jordan, with options for a further five units. In September 2006 Jane’s information group reported that Seabird Aviation Jordan had appointed Paramount as the exclusive distributor of the Seeker SB7 observation aircraft in western, central, southern and east Africa and central Asia.


It is believed that four of the aircraft sent to South Africa were subsequently supplied to the Ghana Police Service. The fifth aircraft was set to remain with the Paramount Group in South Africa as a demonstrator aircraft representing Seabird Aviation Jordan in the central and southern African region but it appears it is this aircraft that was donated to SANParks to combat rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park in late 2012.


Paramount confirmed to defenceWeb that it did not supply Seekers to Tanzania. The aircraft most likely come from Jordan.


The Seeker is powered by a 168 hp Lycoming engine driving a pusher propeller and features a pod and boom layout with excellent visibility from the cockpit to support its surveillance role. It has good low speed and loiter capabilities, as it can loiter at a speed of 120 km/h. Maximum speed is 200 km/h. Endurance is up to six and a half hours.

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25 juin 2013 2 25 /06 /juin /2013 17:45
SANDF hosts first SADC surveillance commanders’ course

25 June 2013 by defenceWeb/SA Soldier


In a first for the South African Defence Intelligence College (SADIC) officers from nine Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries have successfully completed a surveillance commanders’ course.


The eight week long course is designed to give the 17 junior officers attending the practical skills needed to become capable surveillance commanders at sub-unit level.


Working at squadron level course attendees went through battlefield surveillance followed by a command and control module before tackling the final modules of warfare and battlefield procedures.


This, SA Soldier said, equips them to apply and execute responsible drills as troop commanders.


Proof of the willingness of those on course wanting to learn came with a student average of 81% across all modules.


Zambian Major Edgar Musanse, course chairman, said on completion of the course that the training was the first of its kind to be presented for the SADC brigade.


“The officers before you have successfully acquired the knowledge to see the brigade effectively implement its role in the SADC region,” he told a certificate ceremony.


SA National Defence Force (SANDF) director: special acquisitions Brigadier General Raymond Moroane, urged course attendees to maintain contact saying it was “a crucial part” of strengthening bilateral ties and diplomatic co-operation among SADC members.


Apart from the host country, South Africa, other SADC member states represented at the first surveillance commanders’ course were Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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5 juin 2013 3 05 /06 /juin /2013 18:45
photo Marine Nationale

photo Marine Nationale

05/06/2013 Sources : EMA


Les 30 et 31 mai 2013, la frégate légère furtive (FLF) Guépratte a conduit des activités de coopération avec la marine tanzanienne à Dar-es-Salaam, dans le cadre du programme LMCB, Local Maritime Capability Building, de l’opération européenne de lutte contre la piraterie Atalante.


Organisées par l’officier de liaison de la force navale européenne au Kenya et en Tanzanie, ces activités ont été marquées par la visite, le 30 mai, du général de brigade Abdullah Mwemjudi, commandant les opérations et l’entraînement de la marine tanzanienne.

photo Marine Nationale

photo Marine Nationale

Lors de cette visite, cinq plongeurs tanzaniens ont effectué un exercice de visite de coque, aux côtés des plongeurs de bord de la frégate, malgré une faible visibilité. Ce savoir-faire constitue une capacité opérationnelle indispensable pour contrôler l’intégrité d’une coque ou s’assurer qu’un quai ne représente pas de danger, pour intervenir suite à une avarie de combat ou fortune de mer, ou encore pour la maintenance des appendices de coque (gouvernail, arbre, hélice, sonar,…).

photo Marine Nationale

photo Marine Nationale

Le lendemain, le 31 mai, dix marins tanzaniens se sont rendus à bord du Guépratte afin de découvrir l’organisation de la lutte contre un sinistre. Ils ont assisté à une présentation des procédures et des différents moyens mis en œuvre, lorsque l’alarme incendie retentit. Les marins du Guépratte ont ensuite procédé à une démonstration de l’utilisation du matériel de sécurité. Les Tanzaniens ont pu ensuite mettre en pratique toutes ces connaissances en participant à un exercice sécurité (SECUREX) simulant une voie d’eau, provoquée par un impact dans la coque du bâtiment, sous la ligne de flottaison.

photo Marine Nationale

photo Marine Nationale

Ce type d’interactions contribue au développement des capacités d’intervention des marines régionales engagées contre la piraterie et au service de la sécurité maritime dans la région.

photo Marine Nationale

photo Marine Nationale

La frégate Guépratte est déployée depuis le 14 mai au sein de l’opération Atalante, aux côtés de la frégate de surveillance (FS) Nivôse. Cette opération a pour mission d’escorter les navires du Programme alimentaire mondial (PAM), de participer à la sécurité du trafic maritime et de contribuer à la dissuasion, à la prévention et à la répression des actes de piraterie au large des côtes somaliennes.


La France participe à l’opération Atalante avec le déploiement permanent d’au moins une frégate de la marine nationale. Le dispositif peut être renforcé ponctuellement par un avion de patrouille maritime Atlantique 2 (ATL 2), de surveillance maritime Falcon 50, ou par un avion de commandement et de détection E3F.

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5 juin 2013 3 05 /06 /juin /2013 17:45
New UNAMID Commander

05 June 2013 defenceWeb (UN)


The United Nations and the African Union have announced the appointment of Tanzanian Lieutenant General Paul Ignace Mella as Force Commander of the joint peacekeeping force in the Sudanese region of Darfur.


Established in July 2007, the UN/AU Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) has civilian protection as its core mandate, but is also tasked with contributing to security for humanitarian assistance, monitoring and verifying implementation of agreements and assisting with an inclusive political process among other responsibilities.


Mella replaces Lieutenant General Patrick Nyamvumba of Rwanda who finished his tour of duty on March 31.


“The secretary-general would like to express his appreciation to General Nyamvumba for his dedication and invaluable service during his tenure in UNAMID,” a UN spokesperson said in a statement.


Mella has a long and distinguished career with the Tanzanian military. Most recently he served as Chief of its Defence Intelligence Organisation in Dar es Salaam. Prior to this he held a number of operational, command and staff positions, including Director of Foreign Intelligence in the Tanzania Peoples’ Defence Forces, Commanding Officer of an Infantry Battalion in the UN Mission in Liberia and Defence Adviser at the Tanzania High Commission in Uganda

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